In 2021, remote and freelance work will still be more relevant than ever. 2020 showed how convenient this format of work is, and it is unlikely to ever go out of style. The demand for content now is higher than ever, and people who can write beautifully and grammatically are extremely valued. Today we are going to tell you about possible freelance writing jobs — from an SMM to an editor in an academic writing service.


A copywriter is a professional who draws up the concept of a brand or an advertising campaign, completing all the points of the creative assignment (brief). Advertising texts are created taking into account the purpose of the campaign, as well as the preferences of the target audience. The copywriter is directly responsible for the textual part of the project. Often they are required to prepare a logical explanation aimed at the protection of the chosen concept. The copywriter can write content for websites, product descriptions for stores, posts for social networks, news channels, descriptions and scripts for videos, and perform a bunch of other functions.

Education requirements are quite rare in job postings for copywriting positions. Authors come to copywriting from different professional fields, and this plays into their hands. For example, a person with a medical degree will be easier to write about health, and with a technical degree — about industrial equipment and technology. Copywriting is closely related to advertising, Internet marketing, and PR, so a degree in these fields can also be an advantage when applying for a job.


The essence of the editor’s work is to correct stylistic and logical errors and make sure that the text clearly uses all the rules of language. The work of the corrector is slightly different — they fix only spelling errors and eliminate typos. However, more often than not, it’s all done by one person. You can get a job as an editor of academic texts, articles for magazines, books, and online publications.

Social Media Manager

This is a professional who promotes businesses, namely companies, brands, and individuals, on social media. Their tasks include increasing the reach of the client’s page, improving the perceived image of the customer, and communicating with subscribers. Social media platform managers develop and maintain an organization’s presence in the information field of the virtual world, working daily to create new content, constantly innovating to generate modern ideas and formats. They also oversee analytics and performance metrics for their projects.


About ten years ago, the profession of blogger seemed to be something completely impossible. Such activity was seen more as a hobby and pastime. Today, blogging is quite a professional field, and although it is not yet taught (separately) in universities, de facto, it is already a specialty. A blogger is a specialist who leads an online retarget. In the past, their activity was similar to filling out an online diary. People told in blogs about their travels, personal and emotional experiences — everything that concerns them personally and their lives. This could be social media pages, your own blog on a website, or video blogging on Youtube. If you feel that sharing your life isn’t right for you, you could try being a manager or writer of blogger posts.

Email Marketing

An email marketer is a specialist who creates and distributes email newsletters. The main purpose of this specialist is to increase the customer base and inform customers and partners about new products and services. Also, email marketer develops email marketing strategy, creates and adjusts trigger letters, creates editorial policy and layout of content letters, works with subscriber base, analyzes and optimizes key mailing list metrics. Not only does this person have to find the right words to get what they want, but they also have to choose the right time to send messages.


If you know more than one language, you can easily try your hand as a translator. A translator is a specialist who translates information from one language into another. The result of the work should be as close to the original as possible, but at the same time, adapted for the reader. This can be a translation of websites’ content as well as translations of books and articles.


This work involves transcribing verbatim what people say in the recording. Transcripts are needed, for example, to post the text of what is said on the website of a radio station or other media. Sometimes the authors of courses, lectures, and training order transcriptions of audio recordings and need them for further work.

If the transcriber knows foreign languages, they can transcribe the recordings in different languages, not only in their native one.

The industry of freelance writing jobs is unlimited, and new positions and occupations appear every year due to the rapid development of the digital world and its influence on our lives. You just have to give it a try and realize if this field is right for you.