Often, people let their dream jobs stay a dream because they feel it’s unobtainable. This perception can be far from the truth because all you may need to do is to get started today, one step at a time. Success in your job applications is all up to you, and luck may come your way if you persevere long enough.

It’s time to make your dream job a reality, and you need to be proactive and positive. Looking for a new or first job can be fun and exciting. But it also can be frustrating, disheartening, and disappointing.

Nonetheless, to help you have a manageable and successful dream job hunting, below are nine steps for preparation and application;

1. Create A Plan

To start your search for your dream job, develop a plan with benchmarks you can use along the way. The following should be part of your plan:

  • Your vision for the next few years
  • Your goals
  • The specific roles that’ll get you to your dream job
  • Organizations you wish to work in
  • A schedule and timeline

Once you’ve outlined your plan, then get to work. Build yourself up.

2. Assess Your Skills

You need to identify the skills instrumental for reaching your dream job, the skills you currently excel in, and where you fall short. If you find a glaring gap in your skills, look for online certifications and courses that can help refine your experience.

Also, think about your ideals and values, especially those that focus on your dream job. It’ll help you articulate why you need the job in an interview and aid you in further understanding selection criteria to submit a convincing application.

3. Build Your Network

About 80% of most new hires in major companies come from referrals and connections. With this in mind, you must make friends and get introductions to your dream job field. Join industry-specific and local clubs to be able to socialize with experts in your area. You’ll be able to learn one or two things.

Also, you could find a career buddy to assist each other and give each other valuable perspectives about your industry.

4. Generate Your Resume And Cover Letter

For your dream job, don’t make the mistake of not updating your resume. Take a close look at the requirements of your dream job and rewrite your resume to highlight those essential qualities.

If you’re making a resume for the first time, you need some job winning resume templates to get the job done.

With fine tweaking of your skills to fit the job description and company research, your resume will likely pass the screening process and be excellent for recruiters during the interview.

Also, tailor your cover letter to the company you’re applying to. Passionately explain your relevant experience, skills, and facts about the company.

5. Create A Profile On Job Sites

The internet has made the world digitally connected. You need to leverage this and, using your full name and credentials, create an online profile you can use to market yourself. Include your contacts, biography, samples of former projects you’ve worked on, and contacts of your referee.

Remember to add these links to your resume.

6. Prime Your References

The quality of your references is almost as important as your performance in interviews. Your prospective employers use the referees as a third-party validation that you have the temperament and skills to fill the role you’re applying for.

So, make sure your referees are people who can speak to your character, skills, and work ethic. This includes mentors, work colleagues, former employers, or professors.

Before giving out their contact information, ask for permission and tell them the key points they should make.

7. Prepare For Interview

Once you get an interview invite, either in person or virtual, practice and prepare thoroughly. It’s crucial to do your homework on the organization and spend time on its website to learn about its leaders and business. Read the current news articles and research the individuals you’ll meet.

Furthermore, find and practice answers to common questions asked during interviews. Ask someone to role play and ask you difficult questions to ensure you can think fast on your feet.

8. Dress For Success

First impressions always matter; nothing speaks louder in an interview than your dress code. Therefore, choose appropriate outfits for it to be on the safe side. You also can ask the person who schedules the interview about the company’s dress code.

If the dress code is casual, a suit will be too much and vice versa. Thus, finding out what the typical dress code is before the interview date is crucial.

9. Don’t stop trying

Applying for your dream job doesn’t guarantee a job offer. If you don’t make it in several of your applications, keep trying and pushing with other applications until you get it. No matter how hard it seems, your dream job is worth it. Keep striving; it’ll feel much sweeter when you get your dream job, knowing you earned it.


You can easily land your dream job through preparation, skill building, and networking. You can begin doing what you genuinely love with determination and grit. Remember, the application process may not always go to plan. And when that happens, don’t lose hope and be ready to adjust your timeline accordingly.