Yes, Jobseekers must have their own business card; it does not matter if you’ve been out of job for some time now and don’t have a professional title to refer to. Smart business cards must be forward looking – not what you have done before but what you want to do next. Having one in your pocket when you walk in the interview room or to a networking event shows that you really are a serious professional job hunter.

Here are some important elements of a business card for a job seeker:


  • Good card stock – with option to print on both sides.
  • Be brief.
  • Get creative – what can make your business card special, likable or unique.

Front Side

  • Professional head shot, the one you use for your LinkedIn profile will work, else get it professionally done if you don’t have one now.
  • Address, phone and email address – the usual and essential.
  • LinkedIn profile link – yes you must have but if you do not, this link could be your online portfolio. (On other social media links like Twitter and Facebook – well it depends, best to assess yourself but usually suggested to leave these out.)

Back Side

  • Skills summary, be brief no need to cut and paste your resume here. (For example: Proficient in Excel, MS Office | PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications Pro | Team Player and Winner)
  • Go cool or creative – add a small scaled graphics or chart that shows something that you have achieved. (Just a hint, your own imagination can help you get more unique and add more attention grabbing elements here)
  • A testimonial from previous work that also features on your resume or online profile.
  • A QR code that leads the reader to your online portfolio or profile.

Be ready with something that makes you memorable or just worth another look.


Get these printed not by the 1000s but in a batch of 25-50 depending upon how often you go to interviews and networking events. You might get some feedback during this process and would want to alter your business card or perhaps when you are ready with an awesome online profile you can add a QR code and other elements which make it more interesting.

As a job seeker do you have a business card? Are you satisfied with it? What are your suggestions?


Here’s an interesting take on how to design your business card with psychology in mind: