online-courseIn such a highly competitive jobs market, finding your dream job (or even just getting that initial step on the ladder) can prove difficult; especially for most graduates. As a result, many graduates are now thinking about how they can make their CVs stand out from the crowd of applicants.

This blog post will look at whether online training courses can help give your CV a boost over tis competitors.


Jobs Market More Crowded than Ever Before

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, it is more than likely that the jobs market in that area is more crowded than it ever has been before. In Britain at present, there are hundreds if not thousands of people all applying for the same job; no matter what the salary level might be. For example, when Tesco opened a new store in Gosport, 4,300 people applied for the mere 150 jobs available!

Due to this, when you apply for a job, it is more than likely that your potential employer is inundated with applications on his/her desk. With many people using the same template and format for their CV, you need something that can make yours stand out. Although new fonts can help, it is your qualifications that they’re really looking at.

So, what can you do an online course in, and can an online course boost your chances of standing out in a packed market?


What Can You Do An Online Course In? 

The simple answer is that you can do an online course in almost anything you like (unless you need to pursue something academic at degree or masters level).

If you already have a degree, or even if you’re opposed to a degree, then there are other qualifications that can showcase your transferrable skills to employers. Popular online training courses usually involve workplace qualifications; or at least courses that have a practical application once in the work place. For this reason, online training courses from somewhere like TutorCare are always a good idea. This is because it shows a number of transferrable skills including crisis management, personal skills and communication skills (among others). But, crucially, as well as this, it also provides any potential employer with another reason to hire you: you have a skill that directly benefits their business.


What are the Benefits?

The showcasing of transferrable skills and business benefits, however, are not the only positives that stem from doing an online course.

Firstly, the cost is usually minimal, and is certainly much less than pursuing a degree level classification, while still providing you with a skill. Secondly, as well as employer benefits, it also provides personal benefits to you, adding to your knowledge and skill set.

So, there we have it. If you’re struggling in the jobs market, then it may well be worth investing in an online course.