One must infuse extraordinary aspects into their job interview if they want interviewers to remember them. Yes, conforming to the normal standard is safe, but it’s not always memorable—and it’s boring!

Employers interview a lot of applicants each day, so you have to make yourself stand out from the rest of the applicants. Sure, you’re a great candidate—you have all the qualifications, winning personality, and compelling track record—but guess what? So are the other candidates.

So, what can you do to stand out from them, and how can you show the interviewer that you deserve the job more than the rest of the candidates?

In this article, we will share with you some creative ways to do just that. You may also want to check Top Career Zone for more tips and advice related to job search, interviews, career growth, and more!

#1: Do your research

You should be able to ace the most asked interview question: What do you know about our company? If you are planning to just recite the “About Us” page you read on their website, you better think again!

Go the extra mile. Read their annual report so you can get the whole picture what matters to the organization and the type of “language” the company uses—in other words, identifying their DNA!

#2: Act like you already have the job

In a job interview, your goal is to make the interviewer want to hire you. You will impress the interviewer by not just doing your research but also demonstrating exactly how you’d be of value to the company.

Be prepared enough to show what you would do over the course of your probationary period when you start your job.

You can lay out a series of well-thought-out ideas, including how you would approach a problem in the workplace and what you would need from the organization for support. Don’t shy away from this opportunity to showcase your interpersonal skills.

#3: Find common ground

Connecting with the interviewer on something in common is a creative way for your interviewer to remember who you are.

Know a few details about your interviewer and see if you have any commonalities. Whether it’s a shared interest in movies, food, or travel, make the connection clear but brief.

#4: Wear a bold outfit

Of course, the business dress code standards must be observed, but you can still let your amazing personality shine through by wearing a bold color or a striking accessory. This outfit should serve as a visual hint that tells them you’re not like the rest of the candidates—different, but better! That should make a lasting impression.

#5: Include the company values in your answer

As you do your research, you will also come across the company values.

Show them you understand the values that matter to the company. Discuss how you would solve a particular problem or situation in the workplace through the prism of those values.

If you find that the company values accountability, discuss with them how you would use a transparent approach.

#6: Ask unanticipated questions

A successful interview should also include questions you ask your interviewer. Its importance is often disregarded by most job applicants.

The kind of questions you ask will determine how extensive your research on their company is. You can ask them about certain projects they are working on or their target goals for the year.

#7: Bring along your pet to a pet-friendly office

Again, doing your research on the company will go a long way. It can help you plan ways to make yourself more memorable, even the most creative ones—and probably unheard of too!

What is their office culture? If you find a specific aspect of the company that is peculiar, like an office that welcomes pets, why not give it a go? With their permission, you can bring your dog or cat!

#8: Send a personalized note post-interview

What better way to make yourself memorable than by sending a handwritten thank you note to your potential employer following a job interview. It may not be that unusual, but it’s also not a frequent thing people do, especially with the internet nowadays.

Also, there’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned courtesy that will likely earn you the stamp of approval.

To make it even more effective, reference parts of your conversation during the interview to show how engaged you were.


With the help of the creative strategies listed above, you will definitely stand out no matter what job you will be interviewed for. You will leave a lasting impression whether you are the first or last candidate to be interviewed!

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to make yourself stand out because employers are interviewing a lot of candidates for each role. Seeing someone different can be refreshing—and memorable!