The United States is known around the world as the land of opportunity, and with its current booming economy, there are plenty of employment opportunities to go around. While this might be of interest to foreigners looking to find a job in the US, there are quite a few hoops that must be jumped through to actually start working in America. 

Finding a job in the US takes a lot of work, and can sometimes be a longer process than most people would care to admit. However, thanks to the power of the internet, there’s never been an easier time to find employment in the US. 

Whether you’re a working professional in your home country and want to expand into the US, or you want to get your foot in the door and build your career from the ground up, searching for employment opportunities online is your best chance for success. However, the process of finding a job and securing employment isn’t as simple as it sounds, which is why we’ve provided a brief overview of some tips that will provide some guidance during your job search process. 

Know Exactly What Type of Job You Want

Because there are so many different types of jobs available (especially in this current economy), it would be wise to enter your job search with a clear vision of the type of job you want (down to the exact title if possible). This rings true even more so for corporate positions.

Far too many people simply want to do any job in order to get into the US, but the problem with that is that there’s no planning involved. Without a clear career plan, you will most likely flounder when your first job ends, and then be in the same position that you’re currently in (i.e. looking for a job in America). 

Understand the Sponsorship Process

Working in the US as a foreigner means that you’re going to need your employer to sponsor your visa. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of businesses that like sponsoring foreign employees (however this isn’t always the case – especially with in-demand positions in the tech and/or medical industries). 

If you know which type of job you want, you should research companies in that industry that actively sponsor foreign employees. There are always companies willing to hire foreigners, so whatever you do, don’t give up your search after only contacting a few potential employers. 

Consider the Future

Far too many people simply have their primary goal of “getting to America” as their number one priority. While getting here is important, it’s also equally important to think about what you’re going to do while you’re here (if you want to stay here). Not having a plan is the easiest way to fail. 

Most people who want to live in the USA are going to need to have a very solid career plan. They will need to know exactly what type of visa to get to come here, and then figure out which type of visa they will need to stay (until they can become a citizen). 

All of this takes planning, which takes research, which takes time. If you’re serious about coming to the US, you should start planning this out immediately.  

Knowing Where to Look for Jobs

One of the most important aspects of the job search/landing process is knowing where to actually look for open positions. However, it’s also important to keep in mind the fact that many companies don’t openly advertise the fact that they offer visa sponsorships. 

There are countless job search websites that you can use to find potential jobs. One of the great things about these websites is that most of them include questions about visa sponsorship within their application systems. That means you can apply to any job you want, and all you need to do is check the appropriate box to notify the employer that you require visa sponsorship. 

Job Application Tips

There’s one surprising fact about job hunting in the US that most American job seekers don’t even realize: most companies don’t post their job openings on job boards. Yes, you read that correctly. 

There’s a very large percentage of companies who only post their openings on their websites, or briefly mention it elsewhere on the web. In order to find opportunities like these, it’s recommended to search out companies that you’d want to work for (in whatever specific industry you’re interested in).