In an interview with Careerbright, JobPad’s founder, president and CEO Gopal Vemuri describes this newly launched job-search management tool as a valuable personal job-search organizer that you must have to ensure a faster success in achieving the job of your dreams. With amazing features that this tool has to offer, the jobseeker can see tremendous benefits and organization to their job search. Is this the ideal tool that a job seeker requires, let’s find out more about this free tool in this interview.

Q. What is JobPad and how can a job seeker benefit from this website?

Gopal Vemuri:
JobPad is newly launched job-search management tool for job-seekers, outplacement agencies; career services centers and human retargets departments.

JobPad automates the job search and helps “get organized.” What we’re finding is that users like being able to review virtually any job board “in bulk,” meaning they can create RSS feeds that pour multiple job boards into JobPad. It also auto-clips every job application submitted to an organization. You never forget what application, letter and/or resume was sent to what company and when.

This is what JobPad can do for you:

  • Automatically track and manage submitted job applications
  • Apply for relevant jobs automatically or with few clicks (Coming soon)
  • Review job listings within JobPad without logging into multiple sites
  • Find and store job search documents or personal marketing materials (Resume, Cover Letter etc.)
  • Plan and manage job-search goals
    • Plan and manage job-search related tasks
    • Associate and connect your resume, cover letter and other documents to a specific job application. This means quick, easy “search and find”
  • Network and engage friends in the job-search process. It works with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Check and manage your job-search progress, daily, weekly and monthly
  • Benchmark against your competition—other job-seekers– and fine-tune your job search strategy
  • Use value-added utilities to improve productivity, such as where you can Check resume compatibility with leading resume-parsers
  • Follow standards process and best practices to land in a job quickly and confidently

JobPad is currently seeking users (they get free sign-ups) that can provide personal insights and feedback. See

Q. What makes JobPad unique? I was intrigued to read about JobClipper, please explain how it helps me during my job search process?


  • JobPad’s JobClipper is a patent-pending differentiator that makes the tool significantly more user-friendly than other job-search management tools. JobClipper eliminates manual data-capture activity like online job applications. JobClipper, with JobPad, intelligently identifies you as a user, then enables a “Save to JobPad” process. A user simply taps on a “Save to JobPad” button on the browser. JobClipper saves the following information on the JobPad server:
    • Job application details
    • Website URL of the job-listed page
    • An image of the application/application form so you know exactly what you wrote in the form.
  • JobPad is not a job board or an applicant tracking system or a job exchange where their first priority is to satisfy their paying clients; Employers. Their primary goal is to provide maximum number of relevant job applicants for any job listing.  Whereas JobPad looks at job search process from the eyes of job seekers, providing management tools and eliminating repetitive data entry activities in the process to make the whole job search process less painful to job seekers. We not only provide tools to automate job search process, we always strive to provide actionable intelligence to job seeker to fine tune job search strategy and activities
  • Typically taking notes related to a submitted job application takes at least 4 minutes. The data include Job Title, company name, salary, contact information etc. This data is absolutely necessary for the job seeker to perform follow up activities on that submitted job application.

Q. While searching on your website can I be assured that I am being directed to authentic websites, how do you ensure security and authenticity of posted jobs?


What JobPad is not? A job board. We don’t list jobs, yet job seekers can view job boards and corporate sites—and job listings—within JobPad.


Q. Any other information about JobPad that you’d like to share with us?


JobPad offers tangible benefits to job seekers and HR/career professionals.

  • Yes, job seekers can immediately sign up and get JobPad for free.
  • Spend more time really seeking jobs vs. wasted hours filling out form and form and form. No more repetitive data-entry tasks. We estimate that job seekers will increase productivity by at least 28 percent using JobPad. That’s more time they can network and meet the executives ready to hire.
  • No chaos or wasted time figuring out where resumes, applications, cover letters and more were placed on your computer. Plus, if your PC decides to explode, crash and die, all documents are still safe within JobPad.
  • Prove your unemployment status. JobPad visually displays everything you’ve done. That’s key for unemployment agencies that dole out benefit payments.
  • College career centers and career coaches can recommend JobPad to proactively guide job seekers and deliver a value-added tool that mirrors the student’s online usage.
  • Outplacement agencies use JobPad to help their clients stay focused, motivated and on a path that helps them secure a job. By offering JobPad to employers using the agency—and employees themselves—JobPad delivers an online tool that simplifies a lot of the processes.

We believe this is a “one of kind job-search management tool. But it really doesn’t matter what WE think. We’re interested in hearing what users have to say. That’s why JobPad is FREE for a limited time.


About Gopal Vemuri: Gopal Vemuri is president, chief executive officer and founder of JobPad, based in North Brunswick, N.J. Vemuri formed the company in August 2009 to serve an unmet market need among job seekers, outplacement agencies and others within the human retargets and talent management profession. For more information, call 908.975.9495, or send e-mail to gvemuri [at] jobpadhq [dot] com.


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