Finding a job has never been easy, but when the internet came along – things were meant to improve, right? While it is easier to search and apply for jobs online, it hasn’t necessarily become easier to land your dream job thanks to the wealth of competition that’s out there.

Image: Pxhere

The job market is a tough one for graduates, and the competition is fierce for a place after graduation.

So how do you make yourself stand out against all of those other candidates who are just like you? Take a look at some easy suggestions for making yourself stand out online.


Search outside of the ‘graduate’ bubble

If your only approach to finding a job is to only search for ‘graduate schemes’, you’re going to find yourself very disappointed when it comes to making those applications. Graduate schemes are becoming more and more competitive, but the good news is that they’re not the only way to get a job. Cast the net wider to discover other types of job vacancies that exist – you could be more qualified for some than you think.


Look the part

Social media can be your enemy when it comes to looking for work. Prospective employers will try to find out as much as they can about you before they hire you, meaning you need to be squeaky-clean online.


Start with the basics. Instead of using a profile photo from your last night out, invest in some professional headshots instead. The idea might seem a bit pretentious, but you’ll find plenty of uses for your photographs from social media avatars to blog profiles and even your passport. Make a good impression from the outset by maintaining a professional appearance.


Act the part

While looking the part is one thing, living up to it is something else altogether. Many employers are finding themselves unhappy with graduate attitudes to work, and your online presence could be creating the wrong impression from the off. Keep any public profiles professional and demonstrate a real interest in the industry you want to work in. While nobody is expecting you to start a blog or YouTube channel, paying some attention and engaging with others relevant to where you want to work is important for showing your commitment. If you can’t back up your interests with evidence of how you pursue them, take them off the CV.


Develop brand ‘you’

Creating a brand for yourself can be a great way of standing out. You could have your own website featuring your CV, portfolio and achievements, while some carefully crafted social media pages can also make a good impression. Want to make them remember you? Create a CV video – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the impact they can have. Whatever you want to be seen as by prospective employers, make sure you work on developing your brand.

Now that you’re learning to stand out, you can start applying for vacancies. Brush up on your interview skills and make the best impression to help you land your dream job. It’s all yours for the taking, you just need to set yourself apart from the rest.