If you would like to improve your chances for career progression, you might not necessarily want to follow the rules. In fact, there are plenty of jobs that you can learn while doing them, and they don’t even require a college degree. The good news is that once you start thinking outside of the box, opportunities will present themselves almost immediately. Below you will find a few reasons why stepping out of your comfort zone is worth it all the way.



Act As If You Were It

Once you start looking at your skills and abilities in an unconventional way, you might find that some of them can be transferred to other fields of work, and you can change your future for the better. If you have been working in a call center, your communication skills can be useful in event management and even project management. Just because you did the same job for long years, you still have a way out of the rat race.


Aiming Higher

When you accept responsibility for your own success, and stop blaming others, you will go out there and seek opportunities. This will make you look in unusual places. For example, you might have thought that you were trapped in a retail career, and the only way up was becoming a manager with only a couple of thousand a year better off. However, if you can get the courage to find a franchise opportunity, you can take control of your future, instead of allowing others to dictate your path.



Once you have done something hard, it will become easier and build up your confidence. If you would rather not lift up the phone to look for internal opportunities or ask your line manager about training and development programs, you might be missing out on promotion and pay rise. After you overcome your anxiety and fear, this will become a positive habit.


Step-up to Learn

Many people find it hard to learn later in life, and they simply reject the idea of training for a new job. The good news is that you are required to learn new things no matter what your job is. Some of The UK’s Hardest Jobs require learning on the job and completing health and safety training regularly. You’d better get used to the idea of learning new skills, and make the most out of the opportunities to improve your career.  


Keeping Your Eyes Open for New Opportunities

You might not be an outgoing person, and hate asking for favors. If you run your business, not attending local networking meetings will make you lose out on generating leads and awareness about your offers. Overcome your fears and do things that you are uncomfortable with, as they are likely to produce the most results.


If you learn to step out of your comfort zone, you are likely to come across career and learning opportunities that will help you improve your finances and personal life for many years to come.