When it comes to finding a job, you should always try to focus on one that can complement your strengths and talents. Although there is nothing wrong with accepting any job you can handle, one that involves using your abilities specifically could be rewarding in a variety of ways. Even menial jobs that you plan on using as a stepping stone to further your career could be used to boost and hone your strengths. Here are some steps to find a job that matches your strengths and skills.

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Here are 5 ways to begin on the right track on your job search, some of these are obvious, but most often we fail to drill deep into the obvious when looking at the big picture:


1. Personal Worksheet

 Develop a personal worksheet for yourself and be honest about your abilities. While you can be very critical of yourself, try to compose your list of abilities as if you were someone else reviewing yourself. This can help you determine what jobs you would excel at and experiences you could be lacking. Coincidentally, you can use this list in order to help you develop your resume later on.


2. Resume

 Your resume should be a brief synopsis of your most proficient skills. This helps your prospective employer see what kind of talents you may have in order to be beneficial to his or her organization. Normally, you don’t want your resume to be longer than a single page. Many employers won’t bother to read an extensive background for they are otherwise busy themselves. Highlight your main abilities and only add previous jobs as experience if they are relevant to what you’re applying for. Gaps in employment dates can be explained later.


3. Parallel Similarities

 If you have specific skills that can be practiced at a place of employment, you can use that to your advantage and to help strengthen your resume. If you are looking to find a career in public relations, a short-term job as the counter person at a fast food restaurant could greatly hone those skills. There are a variety of ways you can use short-term employment to develop your own personal worksheet.


4. Vigilance

 Don’t be discouraged if you have to take a job in order to pay your bills over looking for something that can use your talents. These small jobs are nothing more than stepping stones to help you prepare even further for the career that will best suit who you are. Keep your eye on other job opportunities while performing your current task to the best of your abilities. You never know when a specific situation in your future could be solved from something you learn now.


5. Location

 Depending on the area you live in, job opportunities may be slim. Although you may want to stay in the area, there could be far better opportunities for you elsewhere. It may be a scary experience at first, but a new start can be its own reward as you find a career that is perfect for your education or developed abilities.


Many people get discouraged when looking for a job, especially in today’s market. Some will simply refuse to take a specific job as it’s “beneath” them or is not in line with his or her career choice. The beauty of employment in the United States is that you don’t have to reserve yourself to stay in a job you don’t like, and you can simply move on to the next employer. Find ways to utilize your strengths in your job and you can become more successful than you may realize.


What has been your experience in your job search when it comes to finding a job that suits or complements your strengths and skills? Share with us in comments below.


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