After 2020, people paid a lot more attention to how their job made them feel. It led us to the “Great resignation” in 2021, as well as a large number of people who aren’t willing to take a new job unless it’s just right.

If you’ve found a job you think fits your bill, you need to work on your interview skills. Read our guide on how to nail a job interview, below.

1. Study the Job Description

Job descriptions can be so technical and boring that your eyes glaze over, even if you’re excited about the job. But it’s the number one thing you need to study if you want to land the position.

Not only should you have added keywords into your resume from it (which you must have done to get to this point), but it will help you say the right things during your interview.

Additionally, if you know you’re missing a few qualifications or skills, the job description will tell you how those skills are put into use, so you can start learning them now. Showing that you’re improving yourself as a candidate at your interview will put you miles beyond the competition.

2. Find Out Who Will Be Interviewing You

People are easy to find on the internet and you should use that to your advantage. We’re not saying that you should go through someone’s private Facebook or try to find where they live – don’t do that.

But looking through their LinkedIn and their Instagram (if it’s public) will give you a few tips on how to connect with your interviewer as a person.

3. Do Your Best Not to Fidget

When people are nervous, they show it through their movements. Whether you pick at your nails, spin your ring, run your hands through your hair – these are tell-tale signs that you feel uncomfortable.

Try your best to calm these behaviors and if that’s not possible, find one you can do behind the desk, like jiggling your knee, which the other person won’t see.

If you don’t know what nervous habits you have, investing in Interview Coaching can help you pinpoint what you need to work on.

4. Research the Company

Another thing people don’t do enough is look into the company as a whole. It’s important to know where you’re working to impress the interviewer, but also to figure out what you’re getting into.

Create one question about the company as a whole, which leads us to …

5. Make Sure You Ask at Least Three Questions

When the interviewer says “do you have any questions for me?” that’s when it’s your time to show off how much you prepared for this interview.

Try to ask one question about the company itself, one question about what was said in the interview, and end with a question about the interviewer’s experience at the company.

People love to talk about themselves and asking them something like “what’s been your favorite experience in your role so far” will force them to think positively, leaving them with that warm and fuzzy feeling as you’re walking out the door.

How to Nail a Job Interview: Do Your Research!

The biggest mistake people make when they go to an interview is not doing enough prep work. Spending at least an hour getting ready for your interview is the best way to make sure you get the position.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to nail a job interview and invite you to make our blog your homepage for your best career yet!