Pinterest is best known for collecting home decorating ideas and new recipes, but it can also help you land a new job. Pinterest is one of the hottest new social networking sites, and many brands and companies are using it to reach their audience.

You must first understand that on Pinterest people are attracted to the visual appeal of what’s presented on the boards. Those in creative careers can benefit the most by attracting people to hire you through your Pinterest portfolio. Some such careers are graphic designers, architects, bakers, culinary experts, designers, photography, arts and the likes. But there is no limit for the creative!

Pinterest might come in really handy as a job search tool for those who have acquired degrees through online programs, where you did not get the opportunity to get placements through on campus career centers. Some applicants are using Pinterest to their advantage after graduation with a degree in Arts from the South University online programs.


1. Go Creative with your Portfolio on Pinterest

Create a board on your Pinterest account as a portfolio. The visual nature of the site is very effective at grabbing the readers attention and showcasing your talents. You can post a photo directly to Pinterest or link to your website or blog for more information. If you do not have a photo of your work, search the Internet for a royalty-free image to use. You can include previous work, degrees, previous jobs, special classes, hobbies and awards as necessary. The idea here is to be creative; you cannot expect people coming to Pinterest to read pages of text. You can also add a video on this board. Use different pins to show your work around. An investment in a good camera would help you tremendously.

Pinterest can be of huge help to someone working from home and looking for a contract job. I know of an acquaintance who has recently set up her Pinterest boards with the pictures of hundreds of creative cakes she has made over the last few years. She made sure that she added her portfolio board which directs users to her website and they can contact her for orders. With thousands of women on Pinterest I can only imagine her business going north with this new social media channel!

Just remember: If you use Pinterest professionally, keep all of your pins and boards professional in case a prospective employer looks at your profile.


2. Look up Company Boards

Many businesses use Pinterest to market their products and services. Look up a company’s boards to see what they post before you submit your application. Read comments and descriptions to get an idea about the tone of the company. Are they formal or casual? What do their pins tell you about the company’s priorities and culture? Keep these in mind when creating your resume and application. You can also get a good understanding of the company culture before you apply.


3. Find Career Retargets

Search for and follow career experts. They often post advice from resumes to the interview to help you with your career search. These career experts also can offer the much needed motivation during the job search.

Pinterest may not be the obvious social network choice for all types of career option, but it has potential in your search. Use it to learn about a company before applying, find valuable advice from colleges or career experts or just keep yourself inspired. Some graduates from an Atlanta, GA college have used Pinterest for their job search and helped them find the creative career of their choice.

Here’s a video on how to use Pinterest, YouTube and Google plus for your job search:


Have you used / or are using Pinterest for #jobsearch? What’s your experience so far?