Is this yet another job board or a website as others or the much needed online assistance service which can really guide me through the #jobsearch process? What is and what does it offer to help me in my job hunt – effectively?

Careerbright in an interview with Laura James, Head of Content at Inside Jobs, finds out answers to these questions and also how this new website ( helps you identify a career you’ll love and can recommend schools to prepare you for your ideal career or job.


CB: Tell us something about InsideJobs and how do you think you are different from the other job boards.

Laura James:  The best job seekers are informed job seekers—they know what they want, and look for positions that fit their skills, experiences, and future desires. Such a targeted approach is good for everyone: Job seekers have better chances at winning positions they are qualified for and passionate about, and employers like to see people who are genuinely interested in the work they do, not just the paycheck they’ll receive.

Inside Jobs helps people gain this clarity of career focus. We’ve written thousands of job descriptions to help people figure out what they want to do in their career, and show them how to get there. We’ve broken down jargon so the descriptions are fun to read and include salary ranges, work environment information, and a “how to become” section that talks about education and training needed to enter a job. We’re also adding interactive media, so you watch informational interviews, and hear from people in the field about what really think about their position.

This makes us a compliment to, rather than a replacement of, other job boards:

We prepare you to win your job hunt.


CB: In what ways can a jobseeker benefit from website?

Laura: Oftentimes, the hardest part about making a career move is figuring out where to begin. At Inside Jobs you can figure out that next step, substituting the uncertainty of change with the clarity of the future you want.

We’re here to help people find direction. There are hundreds of thousands of different jobs out there today, which makes it hard to even conceive of your employment possibilities. Maybe you want more money, or more responsibility, or more social interaction than you currently have—where do you find out which jobs can give you that? You talk to friends, you brainstorm, you Google “marketing jobs” and come up with a bunch of job listings that are hard to parse through.

Or you come to Inside Jobs, it’s here:

  • Where we can tell you what jobs people typically held after yours (in similar fields/industry/expertise) so you can look for openings in those positions.
  • We also tell you jobs that use similar skills to your job but are more social, more lucrative etc.
  • Or you can browse and search for job categories, and say “show me all jobs in art and design” which pops up a few hundred jobs that will tax your creative side.
  • And when you find one you like? We’ll let you know how to get into that field, for example, if a degree can help you in that pursuit, we’ll point out schools close to you that offer that degree.


CB: Would it be right to say that you specialize in art or design jobs? What career types are often highlighted on InsideJobs?

Laura: We started out focused on Art and Design, and as a result have our greatest depth of content in that area. However we’ve since expanded into all areas, so whether you’re interested in becoming a firefighter or neurosurgeon, we have something for you.


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