Preparing for an interview with a potential employer can be daunting. You’ve scrolled through job listings, completed your application and finally landed yourself an interview. They, now, hold the key to your future so it’s easy to understand why the pressure can build. Making a great first impression and leaving a positive imprint in their memory will ensure that the door is held open for you. When there is so much at stake, however, it’s possible that your mind can go blank or you may say something that you wish you hadn’t. Continue reading to find out how to prepare for the big day and eliminate the risk of missing out on your opportunity of a lifetime.

Do Your Research 

Your prospective employer is looking for someone who is keen, willing to learn and proactive, regardless of your industry experience. Researching your potential new employers enterprise and entering your interview full of knowledge about their product will set you apart from the people who just aren’t that interested. You can have 10 years experience in a role but if you aren’t enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile then you aren’t not going to make a great first impression. 

Plan Your Answers

Making up answers on the spot and winging your way through your interview won’t get you any brownie points. Employers can easily see through a thinly masked attempt at planning and preparation for an interview. Researching potential questions and thinking about questions you’ve been asked in the past will give you a foundation to carefully plan your answers upon. Adding an example of your work to back up each answer is also a great idea. It proves to the interviewer that you can implement and achieve what you believe to be great practise in your area.

Be On Time

Nothing is more important than to ensure that you arrive early, or at best on time, for your interview. Your punctuality conveys a lot about your personality and speaks volumes about how much you want the position. Plan your route and leave with ample time. If you’re using public transport, accommodate the possibility of delays or cancelled services. Even if you arrive really early you can grab a coffee and review your answers one last time before heading to your potential new workplace. 

Dress For Your New Role

Your outfit is the first thing that the interviewer will notice. They will have already made some assumptions about you before you get the chance to introduce yourself and shake their hand just based on your clothes and presentation. Your outfit doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to be clean, polished and appropriate for the role you’re applying for. Avoid bulky jewellery and heavy perfumes or aftershaves as these can be distracting off putting for your potential new employer. 

Body Language

Your body language is just as important as your verbal answers. Being mindful of this before your interview will help you match the two together and support your overall presentation. Making eye contact will let your interviewer know that you’re confident and an effective communicator. Slumping and folding your arms, however, will give the impression that you’re lazy or unprofessional. With this in mind, you can see why it’s so important to consider this before your interview begins. 


Now you know exactly how to impress your potential new employer, what’s stopping you storming your interview with confidence? Plan your answers, do your research and present yourself well and you will have your dream job in no time.