If you are reentering the workforce after taking time off being at home looking after kids or for other personal reasons, you could be considering only part-time work schedule or flexible timings at your preference. If you desire so, your best bet in getting it all lies in effective negotiation during the interview itself.

Show them (your interviewers) how you could be valuable to the company and how your commitment to the family shows your commitment to them.
How can you ‘show’ them? Well tell them and whatever you say if you do so sincerely the message drives home.

Want to work only part-time? Consider the following:

Try to contact someone in the HR or someone you know in the company where you are interviewing asking about the company’s policies regarding going part-time.
Review the following:

  • How many hours can you take off without affecting your benefits?
  • Would your would-be manager and HR be supportive of the situation? If not, could you be flexible on your part or try to convince them on your firmness on going part-time?
  • You must be ready for a pay-cut on what the offer actually says, so evaluate your finances.

How to negotiate a switch / option to part-time work?

  • Could you work from home some hours or a day from home before asking for a part-time switch? You can show your credibility in working efficiently from home. At the part-time request talks, it could be a point in your favor.
  • Negotiate on project basis. If you think at present the project needs your time and availability, negotiate accordingly. Perhaps if you are flexible in continuing full-time till the project goes live and ask your manager to consider the part-time offer thereafter, the answer could be in your favor.