I am scared of the thought of being in an interview again. Sweaty palms and stuttering voice- that’s so me!

For some of the re-entrants it is a similar experience as if stepping in the job market for the fist time. Fear, confusion and a jittery confidence are all part of the pre-interview process.
Change can be frightening and so is stepping into a new territory. Make a note in your conscious mind that you have to conquer fear, you are going to face it and strive to eliminate it before you proceed to the tasks ahead. Looking back at past experiences when you had successfully eliminated such a feeling will help in dealing with this present. Lessons from the past help us in coping with our situation in present. Consider your fear as a new challenge – which you have to conquer not something to avoid, ignore or run away from.

One of the major fears most people face is the outcome of the interview, it is the fear of rejection that that predominates the vision of success. You have to project a positive light on the outcome of the job search or an interview process. If you send out positive vibes to yourself that you see yourself having that job after the interview or getting your dream career as an effect of your job search, you will move confidently towards it.
The mind is extremely powerful; it is up to you how much positive thoughts you fill it up with to attract a positive outcome.

Also answer this question:
What is the worst that can happen?
Even if you don’t get the job or do well in the interview, you will learn from it, it is better to have lost and learned than not having done at all.

Answer these questions:

  • Is it the interview that you fear most or your own preparation?
  • Are you scared of speaking to strangers?

Once when you identify your fear it becomes easy to defeat it. Identification is the first step towards eliminating your enemy. We fear most what is not evident or visible.

Some tips and solutions to overcome fear

  • If you fear the interview process, try to do some mock interview sessions with family or friends or just in front of the mirror. Make a list of questions and prepare the answers as you deem best and practice again and again. Ask your friend or coach to help you with going through a mock interview process professionally.
  • You will see that familiarity with a situation will make you feel more confident when you approach the real interview process.

Often we tend to focus on our weaknesses more than our strengths, once you start listing your strengths you will witness a major boost in your confidence. Equip yourself with the right tools – self confidence, appropriate skills and preparation and there you are – ready to fight and defeat your fear.