There can be a real mix of people when it comes to their careers and what they might be particularly good at. On the one hand, no pun intended, people can be really good with their hands. They might be creative and think outside of the box, have a mind for problem solving and fixing things. On the other hand you may find that people are more academic in terms of their skills. Quick math and a head for numbers, problem solving on a different level, perhaps. There is much discussed about obvious careers that suit those people such as lawyer, accountant, teacher. But I wanted to touch on some of the career options that have a more hands-on approach. Without further ado, here are some of the careers that could put those skills to good use.

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One of the first careers to consider would be in the industry of decorating and building works. Many people consider having their houses redecorated or renovated, buildings in general may need the services of a plasterer. But these people are far more skilled than that, they know when an access panel is needed and that you can buy access panels online for fast and efficient installation. Plastering starts with drywall and sheets, and then there is the skill of a smooth finish or even an artex design if that is what is on the brief. It’s a real skill and something that is always going to be in demand.



A lot of what we use day in day out is energised by electric. Which means that really a career in electrics is always going to be a called for choice. It isn’t just about new fittings, buildings being built require the whole wiring to be inputted. It can also be a career that would suit someone who is good at problem solving as often thou need to find the cause of the fault and there may be multiple scenarios to explore.



Plumbing or being a plumber is more than just dealing with pipes. A plumber may need to install a whole bathroom system. Domestically there may be things that need fixing such as leaks, but in terms of bigger building pipes and toilet facilities, even kitchens may need to be installed on a much bigger scale. Plumbing is a great career choice for someone who would like to take on a more hands-on career and there will always be a need for people skilled in this area.



Finally, working in the engineering field opens up many different doors for you in terms of your career. Engineering could be front line, meaning you are dealing with machines, either working them or fixing them. Engineering could be on a bigger scale in factories. But then there is also the management side of things and career progression opportunities which makes this career ideal for someone who likes to think on their feet.


I hope that this has given you some food for thought in terms of some of the hands on career options available to you.