The example here is a sample resume of an event planner who is a re-entrant to the job market (with an employment gap in her resume and a career change in plans)  in career transition from a teaching job to an event planner.

Learn from this resume how you can use your volunteering experience to add to your skills and present a resume in a functional form.

Note also that in this sample resume the applicant is open to full-time or part-time contract position; flexibility is important when reentering the workforce after a long gap. However you must tailor your resume to the position you are applying for, if applying for a part-time position specify it in your resume, else stick to the full-time reference.
The road to re-entry is not smooth and you have to use all tips and tricks right from preparing an effective resume to preparing for a persuasive and impressive interview.

Lisa’s Background
Lisa, a mother of two, left her last job in 2003. She has previous experience ranging from a merchandise buyer to being a teacher’s aide.
Lisa has just begun looking for jobs but now wants a career change, after some analysis of her dream job and her passion; she now wishes to be an event planner. Although she has no previous experience as a professional event planner and no degree in administration, her interests and activities already give her enough credentials to be justified as an expert.

Lisa Smith
Phone: (908) 123-4567

I am seeking a full-time or contract position as an event planner or festival
organizer that allows me to apply my skills and provides me an opportunity of
growth and fulfillment.

Relevant Experience


  • Implemented fundraising events at Arbor Elementary School, Trenton
  • President Booster Club: Directed, Organized, Managed fundraising efforts
  • Raised up to $9,000 in one year period for school of 275 students (Rivermark
    School), much above the initial target of $5000.
  • Successfully negotiated with the Millville Orchard Festival committee
    for Rivermark school to have an annual fundraising booth
  • Planned and supervised the 1st annual wine-tasting event at Augustine,
  • Directed Easter Seals fundraising: fun-runs, root beer float sales
  • Solicited and Received vendor donations in a record time


  • Consulted and arranged family reunions for groups of 20 to 150
  • Initiated and guided start up of basketball concession stand at Arbor
    Elementary School
  • Coordinated weddings: location, food, decorations, rentals,
  • Organized and Directed “Fun Day” at Arbor Elementary School
  • Directed parents, students and faculty during all school events
  • Managed activities for more than 250 participants at an event in
    Rivermark school
  • Took initiative to teach computer system to other employees at SmartCase


  • Have 3 Honor Roll Customer Service Awards to my credit
  • Sharp, personable, able to convey a warm yet professional image
  • Successfully trained new employees on Excellent Customer Service
  • Exceptional ability to work with people of a wide range of personalities
    and backgrounds
  • Efficient at problem solving and working under pressure

Work History

  • Teacher’s Aide/ Librarian Arbor Elementary School Trenton, NJ 2001-2003
  • Teacher’s Aide Rivermark School Trenton, NJ 1994-2001
  • Head Clerk SmartCase Inc. Trenton, NJ 1993-1995
  • Merchandise Buyer Les Schwab Trenton, NJ 1992-1993
  • Resume outline courtesy Beth Woodworth

    Note: In a career change resume and also when re-entering the workforce it is more important to present those points which show your abilities to get the job done. To present yourself in a light that you are a confident fit to the applied position. A functional resume works best as compared to a chronological one.
    If you do not feel confident about your resume style and content, it is best to send it around to your friends and family for review and if you wish to seek professional advice, ask a career coach or research around for a resume writers/resume writing agencies.

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