With some of the interviews running over multiple hours and sessions sustenance is a major issue as well. How can you be enthusiastic, attentive and energetic after 3 hours of one-on-one interviewing and 2 hours of group interviewing and more to come?
The mind and body work together in tandem, if one is overworked and exhausted it affects the other.
Here are some tips to help you get through that long important day:

  • The Mind
    To feed your mind for a energetic day spend a few minutes (preferably 15 minutes to half-an-hour) in the morning of the interview on meditation or simple deep breathing and focusing on positive thoughts – you are helping yourself clear your thoughts and bring oxygen to your brain. An immediate effect would be a collected thought process, stress-release and instant peace!
    Also give a few minutes to stretch to let go off the body tension. Stretch before the interview and stretch during breaks.
    Focus on the positive. Focus on your strengths. An affirmation and just a feel-good meditation can do wonders to your self-worth – try it a couple of hours before the interview – and you can take on the storm with ease!
  • Physical Balance- Eating before the Interview
    Do not eat a heavy lunch or breakfast before the interview. It can make you sleepy and sluggish. The perfect balance would be a good balanced meal containing light carbs, salad, fruits and yogurt.
    Keep in your bag a banana or a protein / snack bar and a pack or juice and water. To keep your sugar leveled and keep you pumped up, you must eat at regular intervals. A few minutes or half an hour break that you get in between the interviews is good time to snack. A rumbling tummy can be awfully embarrassing and even though your body might not be giving you such an indication, it is better to act before it does!
    Also don’t have any garlic or other eatables which might make your breath smelly.
  • Keeping it together
    There are documents, portfolio papers, resume, your bag/purse etc. that you are carrying with you. Be organized and prepared beforehand and know how you can keep them in place together so you are fumbling at your organization and management. Practice a day before the interview on which sessions require which presentations and organize accordingly. Keeping it altogether and under control is essential to be calm when the goign gets rough and tough.

Also remember that after the series of interviews you are going through not all goes well at every step – If you feel you have said or done something during the interview which you would rather had not, just let it go. Thinking about it will only let you down and shake your confidence.