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Writing a Modern Resume

This is an era of modernity and creativity. People enjoy seeing new and innovative ways to showcase information. So is the case with your resume. How you are dressed, how you speak, and your confidence level all matter during an interview. Similarly, your resume is incredibly important in order to pass the first step – getting a call for the interview. For a resume to be effective, it needs much more than just enlisting your details, qualifications, and achievements. This should always be kept in mind when you write modern and creative resumes.

Your resume is the first thing that a recruiter sees. This is why it is very important that resumes should be written in a way that they attract your employers to contact and hire you. Employers receive a lot of resumes on a daily basis and have to select from those to find the best. Creative resumes give candidates an edge over “standard” resumes; not only do they stand out more, but they also showcase your personality. Thinking outside of the box by using a creative resume is a great first impression that will set you apart from other candidates. Obviously, selection depends on many other factors too, but showcasing your personality within your resume is a huge bonus.

How to make your resume stand out

Designing a creative resume can be fun; however, you want to be sure that it still serves its ultimate purpose – to showcase your talent and experience. Use these tips to ensure your resume remains modern:

  • Use splashes of bold colors (conservatively)
  • Keep important information in prominent locations
  • Spacing is very important – make sure your lines and text are evenly spaced throughout the resume
  • Use icons (for example, put an icon of a phone next to your phone number)
  • Include a picture of yourself
  • Use graphs to portray skills and knowledge
  • Print the resume on thicker paper (when required, else maintain portfolio online)
  • Consider using paper that is not pure white, such as eggshell or grey

If you are not confident in creating your own resume from scratch, use one of the resume templates featured in this article, or browse for others from Kukook. By using these resume tips, you can ensure that your resume will remain creative in this modern world.


Some examples:

See more such examples here.

Which other creative resumes have inspired you? Share with us in comments below.

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