Choosing to work online isn’t any an easy feat. It involves a lot of planning, as this essentially means setting up systems that ensure that not only you find a comfortable spot to work in, but also stable internet and good equipment. More than that, though, is the hurdle that is the online job application. If you feel a bit overwhelmed with the notion of online job applications, look no further as this guide is here to help you out.

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Online Job Applications: Fatal Flaws You Should Avoid

Working from home has become quite a popular concept in a lot of countries around the world, and it’s becoming very prevalent in some countries. For instance, 2.8 percent of the entire workforce in the United States alone works from home 50-percent of the time. This is as much as 3.7 million employees. Unfortunately, making the cut isn’t always easy. While average job openings do attract at least 250 resumes, only 2 percent of these will actually be called for interviews.

A lot of people choose to do online jobs for different reasons. Sometimes, the prospect of a better company culture in an online platform can be attractive — especially if you know you’re more efficient when working in a space you’re comfortable with. However, while you can say you can perform well in an online setting, getting in an online job can be tricky. Here are some application mistakes to avoid:


  • Presenting your curriculum vitae should be prioritized:
    If you’re applying through websites such as Gumtree Jobs, it’s important to remember that your curriculum vitae or your resume will be your best representation of yourself. As such, it’s important to get your CV properly constructed and presented. Make sure relevant achievements and skill sets are highlighted and make sure things in your resume can be read properly. Think of this as an objective “flyer” that showcases your skills. This means that the presentation and layout should showcase your skills and achievements in a clear and concise manner.
  • Never forget to look at the requirements of the job you’re applying for:
    Online jobs can be quite the interesting and thrilling endeavor, especially if you’re looking into working remotely. However, some online jobs may look like something you’d be able to do, but the requirements may not exactly be in your favor. Always be on the lookout as to the kind of requirements a certain online job has. Do they allow remote working but from a particular location? Do they need a particular skill set? Are they looking for someone who uses a particular kind of software?
  • Never submit a resume with outdated information:
    If you’re coming into the online job scene with a recently-ended contract from another job, you’ve most likely not updated your resume for a while. Don’t submit an outdated resume to employers if that’s the case. Always make sure to check and recheck your resume information before sending it in. Potential employers can’t call you if you have wrong contact information, right? Not only that, but make sure things such as correct names of previous places of employment, notable achievements, seminars and certifications you’ve gotten, and essential training is properly indicated in your resume.
  • Never submit the same cover letter to different employers:
    While a template is very tempting to create, don’t write a cover letter that sounds a bit too… bland and generic. Try making the cover letter formal, conversational, but also personal in nature. Don’t make the mistake of addressing the wrong employer either! That will definitely be a huge no-no, as the hiring manager or even your employer will just toss your application aside. Recheck the information in your cover letter before sending.
  • Never apply to the same job again and again:
    If you’re anxious about not receiving a call from a potential employer, don’t pester them by sending the same applications to the same employer. As a rule of thumb, the hiring manager will definitely call you back if they’re interested in interviewing you for the position. You’ll just waste your time if you keep on sending the same applications over and over. If you’re that concerned that they’ve lost your application, it helps to simply call the employers themselves to confirm that you’ve properly sent the application.


Online Job Applications Are No Easy Feat

Online job applications aren’t easy because they’re online. In fact, online job applications have their own fair share of difficulties and challenges. Perhaps the most daunting challenge is the reality that online applicants do get more scrutiny as the only target of information employers have about the applicant is in the form of their resume, and even a short interview. If you’re banking on getting an online job, the above tips should always be remembered.