Create more Jobs
Whether it is the creation of the green collar jobs or the blue collar jobs, the point is to create and keep those jobs here to help abate recession.

The government contingency plan must be to allocate money for free employment training to those looking for jobs or in a layoff this year. I also endorse Senator Hillary Clinton’s plans to broadening unemployment insurance for those who are struggling to find work. Though a quick note to those making the higher decisions in the government: try to involve public opinion and do your best to gather information from the general public right now before you implement and pass bills on all the planned ‘reforms and actions’. The more you ask for public input the better solutions you can come up with. It is not a simple patch-up job that people need, a long-term solution but with a shorter implementation period is the call of the moment.

Manage your Money
Apart from creating more jobs and providing the much needed tax relief government must also take some actions on educating the general middle class on immediate savings options and reducing the credit card bills. One prudent approach towards money management would be to at least cut back on using one credit card or better still just not using any for some time; live the old fashioned way on a weekly money allocation and see if it helps you with your spendings. Once that is taken care of (or better still to be done side-by-side) maximize your savings.
Thinking about it practically, all these daily management work comes to mind when one is free from the fear of a layoff or when not in the daily brawl to find a new job.
I strongly believe that making more employment opportunities for most in the country is where the concentrated efforts should be at present.

And Make more Money
As I said before, recession is not the time to slow down, it is the time to innovate and try new untested grounds (if possible).
Here’s a nice article I found while searching for how to create new jobs during recession: How to make money during a recession.