Safety in the workplace is a big concern. When we go to work, we want to know that we are going to a safe environment where we can perform the duties we need to do. Here are a few ideas to make the workplace safe and healthy.


Avoiding Making Other Employees Sick

There are a lot of workers who become ill each year. This leads to a considerable loss in productivity and, therefore, revenue for a company. The loss in productivity comes from being weak while ill. Employees who go to work while ill are more likely to pass that illness on to other employees. This could cost the company thousands in productivity delays and thousands in revenue.

This is a big reason why an employee should stay home when they are sick with the cold or flu. The cold or flu can be passed to others just by being around them. There is a chance you will be ill and not know it. If you are ill and the illness is in the incubation period, you can still spread the virus to others. It is better to stay home when you are sick.

How do you stop the spread of a sickness going around? This is no easy task. Employees who are sick can give it to other workers. Everything a sick employee touches will carry on to the next employee. In close spaces, germs spread very quickly through coughing and sneezing. It is best to stay at home for twenty-four hours after you stop feeling ill.

Work is supposed to be prolific. If you are weak with a fever and illness, you cannot perform as well. If you are not performing well, you are essentially wasting your time, and your employer’s time, at work. The employers will lose money because you were not as productive as you should be. An employee should use their sick days that they have accrued.  That is what the sick days are for.


Working In An Industry

Depending on where you work, there will be different safety concerns. If you work in a manufacturing plant, you need to be aware of the rules around machinery. Keep your distance and always make sure you have the training and permission to use the machines. Do not wear items that would get caught in the machinery as you are working. Keep long hair tied back. Be aware of forklifts that might be used in the plant. Again, only drive a forklift if you have been trained in the use and safety features of a forklift. Since forklifts are moving items from a high to a low position, or vice versa, you always need to stay clear of those areas when boxes or pallets are being moved.


Safety In An Office

If you work in an office, be aware of loose electrical cords, faulty desk chairs, slippery floors, and stairs. If you work sitting at a desk in front of a computer, make sure you stand frequently, or better yet, get up and walk around. There are a number of health concerns linked to sitting for long periods of time. Some of these health concerns are obesity, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and increased blood pressure. Stand up and move around frequently. Employers should look into purchasing ergonomic furniture for the office, especially ergonomic chairs. An ergonomic chair supports the lower back and evokes good posture.  There are pieces of office furniture available that let the employee stand or sit while doing their work at a desk. With so many employees sitting at desks in front of computers, this really is an important step to making the office a safer place to work.


Pest Control

You do need to be concerned about pests in the workplace. Make sure spills are cleaned up immediately. Don’t leave garbage lying around. Make sure garbage cans are emptied frequently. Always put leftover food in refrigerators or coolers.  Let management know if you see anything that could pose a problem, such as mice, termites, or rats, to name a few. If pests are found, supervisors can call Moxie Pest Control for extermination help.

Since a person spends so much time at work, an employer should have safety as one of their top concerns for their employees. You will have happier, healthier employees because of good management decisions.