There are many different reasons why people decide to hand in their notice. Outside of career advancement and greater financial opportunities, one of the most common reasons for people to quit their jobs is a feeling that they’re underappreciated. We all go to work for more than a pay check. If you feel your boss isn’t fulfilling all that their job title entails, it can be extremely frustrating, and stifling to your career goals. Here are some tell-tale signs that your boss really doesn’t care about you…


They Never Offer Support or Feedback

If there’s one thing that will hold your career back, it’s working under a boss who never bothers to give you any kind of guidance, feedback or support. Sure, it’s part of their job to be concerned with the tactical aspects of your job, and how your work is contributing to the overarching goals of the business. However, if they’re not so interested with how you’re advancing your marketable skills, or being challenged by your position, they probably don’t care about you as much as they should. This is especially true if they offer support and guidance to people on the same tier as you, but not you.


Unfair Compensation

Probably the most tangible sign that your boss doesn’t care about you is that you’re not being compensated fairly. Even if you know you’re not being compensated properly, and ask your boss directly for an evaluation of your performance, you may be brushed off with an assurance that it’s not necessary, or experience a half-hearted job of it. Clear financial signs like unfair compensation should always be taken as major, glaring signs that you should start looking for another position.


Poor Health and Safety Standards

If you’ve been at your current company for some time now, it’s understandable that you may not be up to speed on what constitutes good health and safety standards. Still, if your upper management isn’t maintaining good health and safety standards, this is something that’s very important to act upon. This is a big talking point in many sectors today, and there are practicing accident lawyers for any work related injury. There’s no excuse for neglecting health and safety, no matter what else is going on at the business! If you notice a distinct lack in safety standards, or poor policies for reporting and investigating accidents, get out of there quick!


Your Needs are Ignored


Another tell-tale sign that your boss doesn’t care about your well-being and career progression is that they ignore all your requests for support and more retargets. This will stifle the results you can come through with, and may cause your record to be a poor reflection of your abilities. Some bosses will drag the process of helping you out, or make false promises. The very worst will fail to give you all you need to succeed, and still have the audacity to hold you accountable for shortcomings! If this becomes a consistent pattern in your boss’s behavior, start creating an exit strategy now.