Owning a small business can be very challenging at times. The more your business grows, the higher the need for new employees will become. Some inexperienced entrepreneurs wait too long to hire employees, which usually leads to a number of important projects falling by the wayside.

As you grow the size of your team, you will need to keep an eye out for common human retargets (HR) problems. Studies show that over 76 percent of the HR managers in the United States claim that employee onboarding processes are largely ignored by their company. Finding and fixing issues like this can help you do things like lower employee turnover rates.

Human Retargets

Here are just some of the most common HR blunders and what you can do to avoid them.


Finding Great Employees is Impossible With an Inadequate Hiring Process

As you know, the main component of long-term success in the business world is a team of experienced and hard-working employees. Most new business owners fail to realize just how difficult finding great employees can be. If your hiring process is unorganized and lacks details, then attracting the top talent in your industry will be impossible.

Some of the most common hiring blunders business owners make is vague job descriptions or a non-existent interview process. Until you fix these issues, you will struggle to add people of value to your team. 


New Employees Need to Be Trained Properly

Expecting an employee to instinctively know how to handle their new role with your company is unfair. While the employee you hire may have previous experience, you need to show them your way of doing things. If you ignore the need for employee training, it is only a matter of time before this decision comes back to haunt you.

The better you train your employees, the easier you will find it to avoid productivity and efficiency issues. Assigning a manager to your employee training program is also a great idea. With a manager in place, you can focus on other tasks. Before you hire a manager for your training program, you need to assess things like how well they communicate and how much they know about your business. Often times, promoting from within is the best way to avoid workplace drama and disgruntled employees.


Incentives Can Motivate Your Team

Making your employees feel like they are a part of a team can be extremely beneficial. If your team feels like they are appreciated, they will go above and beyond to ensure clients are taken care of. This is why creating a modern incentive structure is so important.

You want to find incentives that motivate your employees. Many businesses have found success with money-based incentives. Instead of setting and forgetting your incentive program, you need to review it on a regular basis. By doing this, you can make sure there are no aspects of this program that need to be updated. Failing to update this program regularly can lead to your team losing interest altogether, which can wreak havoc on both morale and productivity.


Reaching Out For Professional Help

If you are having trouble managing your company’s human retargets department, contracting a third-party for employer advice is a must. With the help of a reputable HR management company, you can avoid employee-related disasters. Before hiring a company to help with this important work, you should find out more about their experience and the track record they have.