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Online Entrepreneurs & Marketers Can Work Less and Earn More with Proven ‘Passive Profit’ Internet Business Strategies

The internet provides a remarkable platform for large and small businesses alike, and learning how to take advantage of this incredible tool can mean more publicity, more customers, and more sales―all with less work for entrepreneurs. In the newly-released book titled “The [...]

Why Skills Trump Passion on the Road to Career Success

"Hypothesis: Key to occupational happiness is to first figure our what you're passionate about and then find a job that matches this passion. The basic tenet behind this book is that the passion hypothesis, although widely believed, is both wrong and potentially [...]

4 Job Search Strategies for Mature Workers

Guest post by: Career Coach, Speaker and Author Ford R. Myers Offers Practical Job Search Strategies for Individuals of Any Age Despite U.S. unemployment rates that hover around 10 percent, one segment of the population is not being hit as hard: employees [...]

11 Ways to Get What You Want – By Saying NO

By Jim Camp - Adapted from his bestselling book, "Start with No" Most of us have been taught that if we want others to cooperate with us, we have to compromise -- that is, to getsomething, we have to give something. There's a [...]