In this book Nat Stoddard and Claire Wyckoff describe a multipurpose tool with a total of ten advantages over the current and traditional hiring process.
So if you are looking for an effective way to hiring your new leader which would be a best-fit to the organization then this book is a must read for you. The authors take you on a journey to discover the new Leader Selection process tool to find the right leader, it comes right in time when many companies would be reinventing and reorganizing to fit in the new economy or growth challenges to the present economy. We have witnessed many follies at senior executive levels and more insight is need in the hiring process of leaders who must be brought in to uplift the organization and instill confidence in the system.
Clearly success at the top is becoming more and more difficult to achieve” is a very relevant and timely cited remark; it is through a carefully planned selection process that one can find the right leader who brings in values, personality, character and meets the company’s needs.

Who is this book for?
The Right Leader clearly set the expectations upfront by defining four audience groups:

  • First: board members, incumbent CEOs, HR leaders and executive search professions.
  • Second audience is comprised off senior executives themselves who are or aspire to be candidates for leadership positions of increased responsibility.
  • Third group of readers are those who are involved in mergers and acquisitions, especially those responsible for post-integration of multiple organizations.
  • Fourth would be the independent directors of companies involved in Success Planning.

What is Special about this book?
This book offers a very analytical and practical analysis on a very tough scenario for any organization – the search for the “right leader”, someone who will take a company to success or doom. When you are putting the reigns of an organization in one person’s hand, you better be sure that they are the best fit to the situation. The book takes you to a multi step CEO success planning strategy and also presents the best scenarios on onboarding the new CEO. You can even consider the steps discussed as a checklist to the hiring process and beyond.
From one of the press releases:
Along with a wealth of background information and ideas, THE RIGHT LEADER delineates the specific steps that companies need to take to successfully select top executives. These include how to make the process cost-efficient and timely; how to put together a team of outside advisors; how to delegate work to that team; and how to conduct needed research.

An added benefit of adopting the procedures outlined in THE RIGHT LEADER is that the information gathered during the process can later be used to help the new hire succeed. Stoddard explains how to create a due diligence library—a sort of field guide for newly hired leaders that can help them understand the realities of the company that they have recently joined.

By following Stoddard’s wise counsel, companies will be able to reduce the risks of leadership failures and ensure that their new executives have the abilities, personalities, and energy that match the business needs of the organization, and whose characters and style fit the cultures of the company. As bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith says, “THE RIGHT LEADER offers a great perspective on a critical topic. Look no further for practical coaching on executive selection to help your organization pick the right leader.”