When you are looking for a
new career path, there are many different aspects to consider, especially when you have an inclination to an unconventional career path. No matter what your interests or skills are, chances are you already have in mind one or two favoured career choices. Often, however, the best career options are those which you might not have initially considered. It is always a good idea to keep an open mind when you are trying to find a career; you never know what unexpected career you might come across. In this article, we are going to look at three surprisingly lucrative careers which you might want to consider. Even if the pay is not particularly important to you, this is worth bearing in mind. Let’s take a look.



Let’s begin with the career of reporter. If you think you might have a keen investigatory ability, then this just might be your best option. Reporters have a certain well-known air about them which just might appeal to you, but that is not the only thing this career option offers. It is also a pretty well paid job, even when you are starting out at the bottom. If you do manage to work your way up, you might be pleasantly surprised at how well you might end up doing. If you are keen to become a reporter, a good first step is to try and get a lower job in your local newspaper offices. Then it is just a matter of working hard and trying to be noticed.

Be inspired – Think Tintin!



Although quite a different career choice from the last one, this is another surprisingly lucrative position which you could hold. To be a welder, you can take many different routes to get there – great news for anyone who thinks they might not have what it takes. There are also plenty of different types of welding to consider, and you might find one or two that particularly suit you. Whether it’s gas tungsten arc welding or gas metal arc welding, it’s a good idea to have some idea of what route you intend to take. And with the right branded equipment and welding helmets, you are sure to feel the part in no time.


Scuba Diving Instructor

Love water, love the ocean, there are always some careers that appeal to you. Adventure is right round the corner for those who seek it. Scuba training certifications will help you go a long way, invent time in attaining these from certified institutes and take your career to an adventure dive! Scuba diving instructors can make good money depending on the location and specialization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics scuba diving professionals make a median of $36,680 per year and yet again it all depends on where you are located and what type of services you can offer.


There’s a beautiful world out there and a 9 to 5 day job is not for all. So go take your career on an adventure!