What makes a good leader? According to one survey, integrity is one of the top qualities of a corporate leader. However, having integrity alone isn’t enough to create a senior executive out of someone.


As with every career path, experience is also important to develop skills and character. Even so, an employee or potential hire can’t get by on experience alone to get to the top of the corporate ladder.


At every company, leadership roles are handled by C-Suite executives. These are the people who have the proper professional experience, as well as personal traits that can strategically develop the company and manage its employees accordingly.


However, becoming a senior executive isn’t a straightforward path. On top of their working experience, they also need the right attitude and talent for the job—which, if they don’t have the experience now, could help them reach further up the corporate hierarchy in the future.


Of course, before you are at the so-called executive level, or get to a position of leadership, you have to follow leaders who will become your role models. Sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to have them within the company, but sometimes we have to look for them ourselves. And for those who aspire to lead, they have to find their own mentors who can show them the ropes and be exemplary examples of leadership.


Let’s say a prospective C-Suite executive has all these things. What else is missing? Compatibility. Remember, this person will be in charge of major aspects that will define and drive your company. They have to fit not just the role, but also the culture you’ve developed for yourself and your employees. And if you’re just starting out, they can really influence how your startup will achieve success.


When all these qualities come together, you’ll find yourself with a pretty good candidate for an executive position. But, if you want someone who will go above and beyond their role, take a look at the infographic below from Manila Recruitment.