If there’s one thing that’s in high demand right now, it’s tech skills. Modern businesses of all niches and sizes are now totally dependent on various forms of technology, and as time goes on its importance is only going to get bigger and bigger. Though many people recognize the value of getting tech skills, the jobs that are generally associated with them aren’t exactly exhilarating, or so you may think. If creativity, problem solving and communication are your key passions, here are three tech careers that can get you excited and happily hopping to work every singe day! 


Social Media Manager

If you thought a career in tech meant working behind the scenes of a business, and only ever interacting with people when they have an issue with their computer, then you’re greatly mistaken! Being a social media manager is a job that offers new and exciting challenges every day, and requires you to interact with people regularly, albeit through a screen. Like most of the world’s population, you’re probably familiar with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. If you’ve got great written and verbal communication skills, and an interest in marketing, then you could find a lot of satisfaction managing a company’s social media channels, planning out campaigns, and responding to customers’ complaints and questions in a timely, professional manner.


Information Security Officer

This is a job that will allow you to develop some hugely desirable skills, and actively work to bring criminals to justice. With the world so centered around technology, it’s no wonder that hacking and data theft has become such a big business in the criminal underworld. This, in turn, has led to a massive demand for people who have completed cybersecurity degree programs. As an information security officer, you’ll be responsible for making sure that all of a company’s important data is kept as secure as possible, and stamping out any kind of breaches or threats as soon as they arise. You’ll have to set out policies, balancing out the free transfer of data that’s essential for the business to keep running with restricting privileges that could result in a costly breach. You’ll also be in charge of training employees in how to set strong passwords, recognize anything suspicious, and what to do if and when their work devices are lost or stolen. In the event of a hacking or breach, you’ll also be directly involved in tracking the root of the crime, whether that’s within the company or foreign, and turning the perp over to the authorities.


Web/App Developer

This is the perfect career for people who have a passion for both technology and creativity. These days, no business can survive for long without a website, and many niches are beginning to see apps as a necessity too. With so much competition, it’s essential that a corporate website stays functional, engaging, and keeps on top of ever-changing design standards. You’ll not only need to have a competent understanding of coding and CMSs, but also of people, and what makes or breaks the user’s experience on a website. Furthermore, you’ll be required to have extensive knowledge of pretty much every facet of the business, and find ways to present them in a clear and user-friendly way.