corporate ladderAmbitious people are always on the lookout for new opportunities to move up the corporate ladder and expand their careers. But what exactly does that involve doing? Here are some ideas to help you do well in the business world and get the job position that you deserve.


Don’t Be A People Pleaser


It might sound like a bad idea not to be a people pleaser. But a lot of individuals never say the word “no” to a request for fear of offending their manager, their boss or their colleagues. Successful people know when and how to say “no” without offending or harming their long-run prospects

The first thing they do is apologize in advance of turning somebody down. This has the effect of making you seem as if you are sincere in what you say. The next thing they do is listen to their colleague’s opinion but also spell out why they are saying no in a way that seems reasonable.


Nobody Likes A Smart Alec


Everybody knows a person in their office who thinks of themselves as the smart guy. But the problem with this is that these people are usually setting themselves up for a fall. By pretending to be super smart, your boss will lay a lot of responsibility on you. And when you are unable to do what they have asked, they are likely to think much less of you: less than if you’d never taken on the task to begin with.


Act Your Age


Another way to make sure that you never climb the corporate ladder is to ask in a way that reflects your station in the company. It’s all well and good doing things that low-level employees do, but managers and bosses will pick up on this and think that you don’t have the skills or temperament to go further in your career. You could become labeled as only being suitable for particular roles because of your behavior and immaturity, and you don’t want that.


Avoid doing things like using slang, laughing loudly and sleeping at your desk.


No Bad Mouthing Management or Company


Leaders who are liked are the ones who do as they say and do not talk behind backs. When talking to customers or any recruitment agencies make sure that you put a good word for your company and upper management. It’s a small world where people know other people and what you say behind their back might remain so for long.

Passing on a good word about the boss in a subtle manner is also likely to impress your boss by the fact that it was genuine and not made up. Remember, though, it’s not a good idea to go overboard and praise somebody where praise isn’t due. That’s something that is easy to detect and will make you appear inauthentic.


Communicate With Your Team


One thing that people in the office love is a person with whom they can communicate effectively. Getting your opinions and idea across is one thing but doing it in a manner than really helps other people is quite another. Share your opinion carefully, don’t get angry and try to communicate your concerns clearly. Be as neutral and as business-like as you can.