Preparing for the CPA exam is very stressful. Individuals recognize the importance of this test and wonder how best to study for the exam. The following are some tips that will be of help as one goes about this objective.

Utilize Review Courses

Review courses are of great help in familiarizing students with the exam format and the types of questions asked. Learn the principles and concepts found on the test as opposed to simply memorizing them. This provides a better understanding of the material that will be of great help when sitting for the test. The CPA Exam Prep from MDS CPA Review is one course that should be considered.


Slow and Steady

The CPA exam is not a test to cram for the night before. Set aside time each day in the months and weeks before the exam to review the material. This does not mean a person must devote time every day to this task. Set aside one day each week to refresh and recharge and avoid studying that day. However, make certain to stick to the schedule the other six days and achieve a better score on the test.


Find a Quiet Place

Sitting in the middle of a dorm room surrounded by other people isn’t the best place to study. Find somewhere quiet that is available during the times you have set aside to study. This may be the library, a separate room in the home that can be blocked off during study sessions, or any place that is quiet and allows for this time to prepare for the CPA exam.


Take Breaks During Study Sessions

Don’t sit down, crack open the books, and forget to move for hours. It’s best to take five minutes every hour to get up and walk around, grab a drink, or simply stretch. They will help you feel fresh and ready to return to your studies. However, don’t take too many study breaks . Be sure to keep them within reason and avoid distractions so you can get back to the task of preparing for the exam with a fresh mind.


Avoid Distractions

When studying for the CPA exam, take off the headphones, turn off the TV, and put the phone on silent. Distractions need to be avoided when studying, as they take the mind away from the task at hand. Try to minimize contact with others when studying unless you are preparing for the same test and can help each other achieve this goal. In many cases, this will not be your significant other.


Stay Focused

Distractions aren’t always external. In fact, a person can be by himself or herself in a quiet place and still find studying to be impossible. The mind begins to wander to other things going on in his or her life, and studying takes a back seat. Work to keep the mind from wandering. When you find you are no longer focused on the material, take a deep breath, refocus on studying, and get back to it. You are the only one who can keep your studies on track.



Find a way to stay motivated. Put a picture up in the study space that shows what you wish to achieve by passing this test. It may be a new home, a better job, or a vacation in your dream destination. Having this visual reminder can be of great help in motivating you to stick with this chose when things get tough.

Implement these tips today. Doing so makes the test preparation process easier. With the use of these tips, you’ll find prepping for the test is less stressful and you learn more in less time. You’ll appreciate having used them when you see how well you do on this exam.