Becoming a facilities manager is not on many people’s careers list. But, knowing more about this career will help you in warming up towards this fulfilling and well paying job.

Being a facilities manager is about much more than making sure that there are enough fire extinguisher signs, pencils, uniforms and cleaning materials available. It is a far more varied and interesting job than that.

Responsibilities as a modern facilities manager 

Making sure the equipment and supplies everyone needs to carry out their job to hand is actually a tiny part of the role. Most facilities managers are responsible for delivering the services the organization they work for needs to function.

Of course, the role varies from company to company. But, typically a facilities manager is responsible for the upkeep and efficient running of the buildings and grounds. Health and safety, security, cleaning, space management, the communications network, catering and vending. In some business environments, they also oversee works engineers, mechanics and other internal service providers.

Interesting and varied work

The list of responsibilities is a long one. No two days are the same. One day you will be negotiating a new cleaning contract, the next you will be liaising with the builders who are extending one of the buildings. The sheer variety of the work you do means that you never get bored. Also, this career gives you an opportunity to work in a variety of industries and you can be employable in any city.

A great learning opportunity

Facility managers interface with virtually every area of the businesses they work for. They oversee the maintenance of the factory floor machinery, work with HR on health and safety as well as equip and supply the kitchens. In order to be able to do their job well, a facilities manager has to have a good understanding of how each department works. Therefore, they inevitably end up learning about every area of the business.

Makes you more attractive to future employers

When a potential employer sees the role of facilities manager on a CV they know the person who is applying is business savvy. They also know that they are very capable. The role is a challenging one. Someone who is not astute, good with people and organized could not possibly do the job. So, becoming a facilities manager is a great way to give your career a boost.

Demand for good facility managers is growing

Firms everywhere are waking up to the fact that a good facilities manager is literally worth their weight in gold. If they do their job well they can save a large business thousands, every month. In a world where efficiency is key, there is a strong and growing demand for good facility managers.

Good pay

Naturally increasing demand is driving wages up. Currently, there are relatively few people who are qualified or are prepared to take on such a complex role. This represents an amazing opportunity for those who are prepared to step up and become facility managers.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this fantastic career opportunity we suggest you watch this video. It tells you more about the role, explains what qualifications you will need and how to secure them.