The job market now offers a vast diversity of online and offline job opportunities. It’s often easy to get lost in the abundance of attractive offerings available. However, when you know your true passions and aspirations, it’s getting much easier to pick up the job you are cut out for.

If you have an inclination to work flex hours, have a command on language and a flair to write combined with a  passion to research, there’s a rewarding career that might just help you in finding the appropriate satisfying work you have been looking for. Career as a freelance academic writer.

In such a job you might be expected to research and write academic literature ranging from essays to full-length research papers. The benefits range from working at your time and working on topics that you are passionate about. 

writingIf you believe that freelance academic writing is for intelligent, passionate and responsible people, who value independence and take pride in helping others with their research and writing, then read on the 10 reasons this occupation should become your vocation.


Reason #1. Stay in Touch with Books

Being an academic writer for the sake of staying in touch with books is a perfect reason to be an academic writer. If you are an avid reader, who’s afraid that a job in an organization or office would part you from your love, then you should vote for freelance academic writing. You will enjoy plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself into thousands of pages with valuable information on the topics of your interest.

Reason #2. Enhance Your Research Skills

All those, who love libraries and who want to explore digital journal stores and online publications, must go for becoming a freelance academic writer.

Reason #3. Get Multi-Dimensional Knowledge

Another reason for becoming an academic writer is to get knowledge about nearly every field. Academic writers are famous for knowing something of everything and being able to combine information from different fields in a unique and aspiring way.

Reason #4. Get In-Depth Knowledge

Academic writing gives right and ample understanding of a subject. No thesis or dissertation can be written with surface knowledge. If one is interested in getting in-depth knowledge of a subject, becoming an academic writer is a good option.

Reason #5. Improve Writing Skills

Moreover, it goes without saying that writing can be improved only by writing, writing and more writing. Becoming an academic writer for the sake of improving your writing skills is the right reason for becoming one.

Reason #6. Stay Updated with New Trends

Another reason for becoming an academic writer is to stay updated with the latest trends of different industries and be known as a know-it-all in the circle of your next of kin.

Reason #7. Become Regular and Punctual

Academic writing is different from other jobs because of its tight and highly scheduled deadlines. Students tend to come on last dates, leaving little or no time for freelance academic writers to make unnecessary delays. Term papers are always expected to be on time. No matter how lazy and irregular you are, you are sure to be punctual and regular once you adopt academic writing as a career.

Reason #8. Be Your Own Boss

Those, who hate getting orders, hearing dictations and being yelled upon must go for freelancing. Freelancing makes you your own boss.

Reason #9. Be Able to Work from Home

Again, freelancing gives you an opportunity to work with your child crying out your names loudly and with the noise of dishes from your kitchen. Working within home and with full liberty is another right reason to adopt freelancing as a career.

Reason #10. Get a Respectable Earning

Lastly but most importantly, you can make handsome money via academic writing. Most of the academic writing companies are offering $150-250 for writing an academic paper of 2500 words. A good freelance academic writer can write one such paper in 4-5 hours. Thus, earning easy money is a sound reason for becoming freelance academic writer. Perhaps, it’s even the most powerful argument.