Careers at sea can initially seem a scary but can be an exciting option whether you’re just out of school, or are ready to take on the challenge of a career change. It’s a huge lifestyle change, but for many people, the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices. The sacrifices may be – not seeing your family for many weeks together or working long hours. There are challenges but that’s what makes life more interesting and a work-life full of variety.


So, what makes people want to wave goodbye to solid ground and set sail into the ocean?

Great wages

Your wage will be quite generous compared to your shore-based companions, which more than makes up for those long days at sea. In Europe, a newly qualified sea officer can look to take home much more on average than many other graduate roles, and with little money ever leaving your pocket on travel and food, you can be sure to come back with enough to spend on the good things in life.


Some people just have the wanderlust in them, a steady 9 to 5 office job is not their cup of tea. If you are one of those, you’ll be more open to a sea-faring career which opens up opportunities to visit many amazing port cities around the world. Students often brag about the months that they spent backpacking around Europe after a year of saving money. Luckily, a life at sea means travelling and visiting incredible destinations as the norm.

Opportunities to progress

You will start off life at sea with plenty of responsibilities, whether at an operational level or support level – many of these skills can be learnt at places like Warsash Maritime Academy Careers At Sea. With that in mind, there is huge demand for qualified ship officers and Captains, as the rate of goods being shipped across sea increases year on year. Whilst at sea, the prospects of advancing in the maritime profession are great, with plenty of opportunities for developing your skillset arising all the time.


Seafarers have a great positive impact on the global economy, and with the amount of worthy sacrifices you will be making, you will be looked upon by friends back home as a bit of a hero. 90% of the world’s food, raw materials and fuel are sent using ships across the sea, so you will be effectively helping to maintain the world of trading.

Time off

So, you’ve been working hard for months whilst enduring wet weather conditions – but at the same time, you’ve made some amazing friends and learnt a strong set of skills. So then, it seems reasonable that you get a hefty chunk of time off. Whilst the rest of your friends from home get a week off here and there, you get to enjoy months of holiday time.

Also, with some years experience at sea there have been many who have settled for on-shore jobs. Possibilities and adventures await those are ready to set sail!