Those who love to drive may find themselves looking for a career in the transportation field. But what if you wanted to start your own business? We’re going to take a quick look at what you need to consider if you’re thinking about starting your own bus company.


The type of service

Saying that you want to own a bus company isn’t quite specific enough. After all, buses provide such a wide variety of services in any given city. Will you be running a regular public transportation business? Will you be offering tours? Will you be looking for contracts with specific commercial interests? Will you be running a school bus company? You need to think carefully about the type of bus service you’ll be providing. Each one will come with their own legal needs when it comes to starting it up.


Experts in the field

If you can get in touch with any experts in the busing field, then do so. You’ll need to talk to local business experts and perhaps even people in the government. You need to know about the legal requirements, as well as good standard operating procedures. You can definitely try talking to competitors. While they may not be willing to share their practices, you may be surprised at how much information they are willing to offer!


Licenses and permits

Being a transportation business, there are a lot of licence and permit scenarios you’re going to have to deal with. You may be less ready to start this business than you think. For example, you may only have a Class A driving license, or employees with only that license. But people who want to drive a bus will actually need a Class B license. You’ll also need to look into getting the right business license, commercial transportation permits, and liability insurance packages.


Getting a bus

So now we get to the part at which a lot of budding entrepreneurs stumble. Actually getting a bus is, of course, the most important aspect of getting this business started! And you’re probably already well aware that buses aren’t exactly cheap. But you can actually look for second-hand buses to help cut your costs. As long as they meet the state safety regulations, they’ll be fine. You’ll have to make sure the bus is fit for purpose, though. Ensuring the bus has the right amenities for the job is essential. Once you know what you need to get, you can get started with your search for capital.


The website

Now you’re going to want to think about building a website for your business. A lot of people like to stick with busing companies with which they’re already familiar. So you need a good way to introduce yourself to potential customers. And the vast majority of people first find out about businesses through their website, after performing Internet searches. Your website grants you an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential customers. Contact information and scheduling will also need to be featured on your website. Don’t assume that a bus company doesn’t need a business website!


Image credit: Wikimedia