ski-instructorAn office job is not for everyone, and that’s a good thing! There are a lot of us who hate sitting down behind a desk every day. For one thing, the same old thing day in, day out can often leave you with job satisfaction. And not only this but sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health. After all, you are not moving your body for hours on end. As well as this, you don’t get to see the outdoors until your 30-minute break at lunch! So why not try out some top active careers which will get you moving every single day.


Become a physical education teacher

One career which will get you fit is a physical education teacher. After all, you will have to teach kids a wide array of sports for hours on end. And a lot of the sports will require you to be in the outdoors. Therefore, you get to enjoy being active in the sunshine! It’s a rewarding career as you watch the kids develop their skills. And it definitely won’t get boring as a teacher!


Get a job in construction

You will definitely get moving if you get a career in construction. Jobs such as roofers and bricklayers all require you to be active. You will be outdoors working on constructions projects in all types of weather. It doesn’t tend to get boring either as you move between jobs. As this article says, construction is ideal for people who don’t mind working up a sweat and like constant change. Therefore, look into construction work if you want to stay fit and healthy.

If skiing in beautiful surroundings sounds like your thing, you should look into getting a career in snowsports. After all, teaching people how to race down the slopes is so rewarding. And you are bound to get fit and healthy if you are doing it every day. There are many courses you can do to start your career in snowsports. For example, complete ski instructor courses can ensure you learn all the skills you need to become an instructor. Then you can work anywhere in the world teaching skiing.


Work as a lifeguard

There’s nothing more rewarding than saving someone’s life. Therefore, for a brilliant active career, you should consider working a lifeguard. If you opt to be a lifeguard at a beach resort, you will get to enjoy the glorious sunshine while ensuring people stay safe in the water. You will keep moving as you have to help people in dangerous situations. And you have to be fit and healthy to complete the job!


Become a member of cabin crew

Constantly walking up and down the plane aisle is one way to stay active. As a member of a cabin crew, you will have to ensure customers needs are met. Therefore, you will have to keep rushing when they call you for assistance. And being up in the sky is meant to be so rewarding! And as we said before, it’s one job that will ensure you see more of the world!

And becoming a tour host is also an excellent way to get active for a job. After all, whether you are leading a backpacking trip or heading on a safari, it will ensure you stay fit and healthy!


Image credit: Pixabay