New-Entrepreneur-tipsIn the words of Tom Cruise:
show me the money. We all dream of earning a fortune in our job. In fact, if you asked any number of workers right now why they weren’t happy in their position, they’d bring up pay. It’s not that we’re selfish. We just know that more money doesn’t actually mean more problems. As a matter of fact, money could solve quite a few. So, here are some of the career paths you’ll need to choose from if you want to make a fortune at work.

Come Fly With Me

Actually, you become a pilot, and we’ll fly with you instead. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking to the skies and flying around the world for a career, you can. There’s just one thing you’ll need, and that’s a heck of a lot of capital. There are internships for people who want to learn how to fly. But they expect you to donate nearly a hundred thousand for the program. That’s the bad news, the better news is that you’ll earn that back in your first year in the air. Yes, pilots for top airlines make north of one hundred grand per year. You could pay off almost all of your debt in just a few years and have job security for life. How cool is that?


The Accountant

Being an accountant won’t be nearly as exciting as the new Ben Affleck film of the same name. That’s more about being a spy if we’re honest, but don’t disregard this career path so quickly. Accountants can make anything up to one hundred and fifty thousand each year, and you won’t even have a boss. You can work as a freelance accountant, taking on as many clients as you want. Once you have built up a strong reputation for delivering a fantastic service, you’ll have plenty of loyal clients. To get started, you’ll need to obtain your CPA by building CPE credits. You can do this in your spare time with a self-study course of your choosing.


Have You Been Flossing?

Who would have thought that dentists would earn more money than doctors? But they do, particularly if you live in the UK. A recent report revealed that top dentists there earn upwards of three hundred grand a year. Quite impressive for people who spend the day looking into the mouths of other individuals, isn’t it. Arguably the best part about being a dentist is that unlike a doctor, people will very rarely die in your care. There will be no guilt, and the worst thing you can get wrong is cause a little extra pain for the patient, which is fine. Patients expect dental treatment to hurt so you’ll probably get away with it.


I’m The Boss

Last but not least, you can consider being an entrepreneur, building your own company from scratch. You’ll be playing against the odds with this one because most new startups fail. Still, those that do succeed tend to earn massive fortunes for their owners. If you have faith in your business idea, it might be worth the shot.