If you’re looking for work and have a passion for health and fitness, why not combine these to create your ideal career? If the thought of being sedentary in an office job fills you with dread, then read on for ways to have a more active career.

Become a yoga teacher

If you love yoga, know all the benefits and have experienced some of them for yourself, and love the challenge of perfecting all the poses, you could become a yoga teacher. Even if you have no prior teaching experience, with online yoga teacher training from Yoga Body, you will soon learn everything you need to know. These focus on different aspects of yoga and teaching it to others. So, just pick the one that suits you best.


If your health and fitness skills extend to knowing everything about food, such as the difference between natural, artificial and added sugars, or which carbs are best to eat, you could help others improve their diet and manage their health by creating meal plans and advising them on their diet. People can be put off by the word diet, but it’s not a short-term thing where you cut out everything that is considered bad. A long-term diet is more feasible, includes some of the foods you like (in moderation) and has more benefits than a short-term diet.

Personal trainer

If you’re motivated to exercise and never skip a planned workout, keep track of smash all your fitness goals, and are great at coming up with exercise plans for yourself and your friends, you might be able to use your enthusiasm to become a personal trainer. Many gyms have openings for personal trainers. Eventually, you may be able to branch out alone and find all of your own clients.

Start a blog

Starting a fitness blog can mean sitting down as you update your blog, but it’s not 9-5 like an office job. The key is to share photos and videos of your latest workouts, alongside tips to encourage others who may be less experienced. So, it’s important to make your content relatable and not make their goals feel too far out of reach. You can monetise the blog by including affiliate links from fitness-related clothing and accessories that you recommend. You can also partner with other companies to share the latest products with your followers.

Take further courses

No matter which health and fitness-related career you choose to pursue, taking further courses are important. Even if you qualify for your chosen career, it’s a good idea to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in the industry. This can set you apart from your competitors if they don’t keep up to date.

Work doesn’t feel so challenging if you enjoy what you are doing. So, if you can take your passion for fitness and turn it into a career, you can be one of the lucky few who loves to go to work every day.