Ready to begin on an amazing and unforgettable college essay that will set you apart from other candidates and more importantly enchant the reader? Read on, for these 4 tips will help you score a home run!


OneLet it Flow From the Heart

Write something that you truly believe in. The more you pen what you love, the more you can connect with your reader. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s my favorite book? Why did I like it?
  • My favorite movie – what did I like most about it?
  • What do I truly enjoy – how do I feel during this activity?

Some introspection and dreaming might help bring you to a state where words just flow. And if you get to that state, just write don’t pause. But often it’s not easy to keep going. During such instances, fight back the negatives and ‘writers block’ and seek help. Even though you may have begun well, it takes a huge effort to make it to the ribbon. You might feel stuck or might need a second opinion, don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are quite a few websites that can help those who need help with essay writing.


twoCreate a Master Document

Start on a draft and keep building on it.  Well it may sound like a cliche, but here we go again-  Rome was not built in a day, and an amazing, out-of-the-world essay might not be done in a week or so. Create a master doc and write every day or most days that you can. Set aside at least a couple of hours on these days to really focus on the ideas you want to write about. Do not edit, do not worry about the grammar during these early drafts, just write, feel the passion and the flow as you create your masterpiece. Just keep writing.


threeEdit, Edit, and Edit Again

Editing is when the movie is created second time. It’s true for your essay as well. With all the material you have with you, it’s time to edit or carve the masterpiece to where it ought to be. Spent multiple hours on refining, and re-refining your work. An unforgettable work of art or writing takes multiple rounds or touch-up or editing, don’t be frustrated or consider it optional. You’d be amazed with the final product if you spend almost equal amount of time honing on this final product as you did creating it.


Seek a Second Opinion

A second pair or eyes help. We’ve been seeing what we’ve been seeing for so long, that a different perspective opens our eyes to something that was like an elephant in the room, but since we were focusing so closely on the trunk we never saw the bigger picture. Ask someone who you trust to write better or is an avid reader, seek their opinion and ask them to critique without any bias. And while doing so, be open to suggestions for improvement – but you don’t have to take them all.