A career in tourism and travel is a wonderful opportunity to explore the world. There is no doubt that people working in the travel industry are having the time of their life. While travel jobs entail serving passengers on trains, planes and commuter buses, it also offers some downtime for exploring. Whether you are hired by an airline or cruise ship, there is always downtime, which can be utilized as you wish. Below, you will discover other benefits of working in the tourism and travel industry.


Airline Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant career could be perfect for you if you enjoy meeting people, flying, are energetic, outgoing, a team player, are great at serving others and enjoy seeing the world! Flight Attendants care about guests and ensure a safe and comfortable onboard experience. Most airlines prefer the candidate to have a high school diploma or GED, with at least two years of customer service experience. You might be required to attend a Flight Attendant training, dependent on airlines requirements.


Careers As A Vacation Planner

If you really like researching about travel and tourism industry, love interacting with people, then career as a vacation planner may be the one for you. There are millions of people all around the world who are interested in traveling abroad. However, they could need help with an expert who can plan their upcoming trip. This becomes even more of a lucrative career as more and more baby boomers have enough retargets and stronger health to explore the world as they had never been able to do before. Having some support and assurance on planning an international travel is a career that can grow in the coming years. As a vacation planner, you’ll be able to help these people plan their upcoming trips. From Europe to Hong Kong, there are many holiday locations and you can help them find the cheapest Hong Kong tour packages. Being a vacation planner will prove to be a very rewarding job and you’ll make a lot of money.


Working On-board a Cruise Ship

If you’re on friendly terms with the oceans, and can rock n’ roll the currents and waves, then trying out for some interesting careers on board a cruise ship may be something you might enjoy. From a security offer, to a chef to an entertainment manager, the possibilities are many and you can easily pick and choose as the jobs match your skills and expertise. If you have a background in beverage operations, food production, and restaurant service then look around for opportunities as a beverage and food manager on a cruise ship. There are thousands of mouths to feed on every trip, many times over, this job is always in demand and in all the cruises round the year. In addition to the jobs mentioned above, the cruise ship is almost like a complete office and much more on water. From information officers, human retargets, housekeeping, IT and medical officers, the opportunities are many and in various fields.