Where are the jobs for young people?
Unsurprisingly, a quarter of the young people who will be working this summer will have a job in the foodservice industry. This makes sense, as restaurants are a good place to find entry-level work as a host, cashier, or server. Retail jobs came in second at 17 percent, then childcare—likely nannying, babysitting and tutoring—came in third at 11 percent.

See the full breakdown below:

Food Services: 25%
Retail: 17%
Childcare: 11%
Education: 7%
Social/Recreational Service: 2%
Administrative: 2%
Sales: 5%
Hospitality: 2%
Entertainment: 2%
Journalism: 1%
Manufacturing: 4%
Construction: 3%
Transportation: 1%
Agriculture: 2%
Finance: 1%
Health Services: 4%
Utilities: 1%
Professional/Business Services: 4%
Other: 5%


And, the infographic says it all:

Summer Jobs