Beating the winter blahs may be a real concern at work. In a survey from OfficeTeam, professionals admit they’re bored in the office an average of 10.5 hours per week. That’s more than a full day a week, or the equivalent of 68 days a year! And 2 in 5 employees (40%) said it’s likely they’d quit their job if they felt bored at work.

While 45% of employees are equally bored throughout the year, another 28% said work is most tedious during the winter.

Ever had a case of the blahs at work? You’re not alone. View this SlideShare from OfficeTeam to find out real-life examples of what people do when they’re bored at work.

  • Managers estimate their staff is likely disinterested about 6 hours each week
  • Male workers and those ages 18 to 34 are bored the most per week (12 hours and 14 hours, respectively)
  • Men (46 percent) and employees ages 18 to 34 (52 percent) are most likely to leave their current position if bored
  • 28% of senior managers think the main reason boredom strikes is because employees don’t feel challenged by assignments
  • 39% of senior managers believe staff have too much work to do in their jobs