If you’re feeling a little disillusioned regarding your career situation right now, that’s not a problem. We’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced career setbacks of one kind or another. Rather than worrying about these issues too much, you should start to look for ways in which you can push on and defy the odds. There are so many things that can blight your career if you let them. But the point is you shouldn’t let them. Here are 5 examples of what I’m talking about.



OneBusiness Collapse

Being a member of staff at a business that failed and went under can attach a certain stigma. But that doesn’t mean you were at fault in any way for what happened. It’s up to you to show people that you were a victim of circumstance rather than a reason for what happened.



Complacency is a real silent killer when it comes to finding lasting business success. If you allow yourself to become too complacent, you will stall in your career. Only you’re in control of this though. Maybe if you’re becoming too comfortable in your role, you should shake things up by grabbing a different opportunity elsewhere.


threeGetting Sacked Unfairly

If you were sacked unfairly by your last boss, you shouldn’t let that act as a mark upon your CV. Instead, you should hire a labor law attorney and do your best to fight your case. This shouldn’t hold you back because justice is out there to be fought for if you’re willing. Employers don’t like hiring people who’ve been fired in the past, but if you can show that the firing was illegal in a court of law, that will help you a lot.


Lack of Qualifications

Just because you’re lacking qualifications, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep trying to fight your way into a particular job or industry. Qualifications are just pieces of paper, and without them, you can still be the right fit for a particular career. You can always work towards getting the qualifications you need, so don’t be put off a certain career path just because you don’t yet have the right qualifications.


One Bad Experience in a Dream Job

The job of your dreams doesn’t stop being the job of your dreams just because you had a bad experience. It could be that the boss was bad for you or it was just the wrong fit at the wrong time. There are so many other openings out there for someone like you. You just need to get out there and try again. You might find that the next time you try to do that job, it all works out well for you.

Your career is yours and yours alone. If you want it to go well, you need to grab the bull by the horns and day control of it day after day. Sure, you’re going to experience problems along the way, but we all do. What matters most is how you respond to those problems and bounce back stronger next time.