Efficient Planning for Packing

If you travel often it is a good idea to keep aside at least two suits that you would not use for your daily office wear. When you know it is time to travel on a short notice, deciding what to pack should be the least of your worries (easier said than practiced though!). Pack light, travel light and pack an extra backpack – just in case you buy something else later on and ensuring you can carry it along with you if needed.

Eating Well

A heavy or unhealthy meal often lowers your alertness and makes you feel drowsy, something which you would rather avoid since you would rather want to make your travel a pleasure than a drag. What foods make you feel lighter yet full? Focus on those, fruits and healthy smoothies often are the make-u-feel-good snacks. While travelling you can make healthy choices now since most airports have salad bars and healthy eating joints.

Save Time

You’d already be doing so but make sure you check in ‘digitally’ before you get to the airport. Inform your pick-up service or friend the right time of flight so they can get to there before time. You can avail the messaging services of the airlines to inform you via phone or email on any delays on your flight.

Relax – You’ll get to Work when you get there

Almost 90 percent of business travelers are on their laptops or phones at the airports, buses or taxis, trying to ‘get work done’. It’s OK to be away for few hours and you’ll eventually be working when you get there! So why not listen to your favorite music, read a nice book that you’ve always wanted to read but never got to due to your always busy schedule, or just look around and make new friends! Making business travel a continuous work stream often results in burn-out.

Exercise Walk Around

Exercise and deep breathing are instant stress busters. Don’t be shy to stretch around and practice deep breathing while waiting for the flight or in-flight. It is gets your nerves calmed and mind relaxed it’s more than worth it!


What other tips would you like to share with us?

And here is a nice infographic highlighting the best airports for business travelers in the US;

What Are the Best Airports for Business Travelers?