There is clear legislation in place regarding the responsibilities that employers have when it comes to health and safety in the workplace and those who are in breach of these guidelines can be liable for work accident compensation claims to be made against their businesses for negligence should either a member of the public, or a member of staff, suffer injury on the business premises as a result of this. Therefore it is vital that businesses not wanting to find themselves on the wrong end of expensive negligence claims undertake risk assessments and put in place comprehensive policies based the findings. These are some of the main health areas that employers can look into.


Temperatures and Ventilation

For those working indoors, prolonged exposure to excessive levels of humidity can create health problems. Therefore it is important that work premises are adequately ventilated, both through windows, but also from properly maintained air-conditioning systems.

Measures for those working in extreme cold or heat
For those working in temperatures outside of the norm, there are greater attendant health risks which you must address in any risk assessment.

  • Amongst the measures that you may choose to implement are the introduction of heat measures, improved ventilation and the covering of windows.
  • For issues of extreme cold, you can provide appropriate protective clothing and provide suitable rest breaks in an environment with a more normal temperature level.



These should provide lighting and ventilation to a comfortable level. It is also essential that equipment such as seating is of a standard that provides the necessary support for the lower back, to ensure that employees do not suffer lumbar problems as a result of lengthy periods utilising them. Working on the computer for long hours without break is one of the major causes for aches pains and finally injuries for many workers in the cubicles. Read some here good tips on Guidelines on Computer Workstation – Computer Ergonomics.

Other tips:

  • Use plants and greenery around your workspace to naturally cleanse the air.
  • Stretch and flex your feet and hands often. Look away from the computer for some time at a distant place to soothe eye strain. Use anti-glares screens for your monitor.
  • If possible conduct ‘walking meetings’ this is possible with one or two people at the most not more. Just go out for a walk with a colleague if you can discuss some project plans without the use of writing boards or presentations.
  • Take regular quick breaks to keep up on your productivity and avoid burn-outs.


Furthermore the room should be of a size that it is suitable for the number of people occupying it on a regular basis, so that there are no issues of overcrowding.

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