Are you finding that you aren’t as productive as you should be during your workday? Perhaps it is your boss who has noticed, which is never a good thing. Being productive can simplify your job down the line and, in many cases, will get you out of the office quicker.Here are 10 simple ways to improve your work productivity overnight:

  1. Get More Rest – Your work could be slowing down because you have a bad case of “brain drain.” If you aren’t getting eight hours a night, then that could be your first culprit when it comes to your sluggish behavior.
  2. Organize Your Work Area – Are you trying to work from a desk that’s stacked with papers, sticky notes and files? Get that stuff organized, pronto! Organized people are generally happier and more productive. Have you heard of environmental depression? A messy work area can certainly cause it.
  3. Write Stuff Down – Start taking notes so you won’t get too sidetracked from important tasks. Whether it’s a high-tech business calendar or a sticky note on your computer monitor, you may need a little help in the memory department in order to be productive.
  4. Stop Surfing the Web – Are you addicted to reading the news headlines or slumming in a celebrity gossip blog every half hour? A recent study showed that Web surfing related to fantasy football alone can cost businesses around $275 million to $435 million per week.
  5. Talk Less, Work More – Do you get caught up in water cooler talk every morning? I don’t mean to be a buzz kill, but your boss isn’t paying you to mingle. Cut back a little on the socializing and see if your work improves.
  6. Use White Noise – Try some white noise to keep you calm and focused. From light classical to ocean sounds, this might be a fun departure that helps you pick up the pace.
  7. Start the Week Off Right – Do you often find yourself working less on Mondays and Tuesdays, then using the rest of the week to catch up? No one likes dragging himself or herself to work on Monday, but if you start the week off right, you might get out the doors on Friday with a lot more energy for the weekend.
  8. Change Careers – If you find that your work productivity is suffering because you simply hate what you do, then it’s time to quit your job. No, this isn’t necessarily something that will help you “overnight,” but the decision to leave just might!

Everyone has high and low points where their productivity is concerned. Your first step in correcting this problem was admitting to yourself that you could do better. With a positive attitude and some reorganization, you will be zipping through your most important tasks with ease.

Heather Johnson is a freelance business, finance and economics writer, as well as a regular contributor at Business Credit Cards, a site for business credit card and
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