This is a guest post by Grace Killelea.

PR-IMAGEHaving a good public relations or media specialist on your team is one of the keys to selling yourself. But regardless of how good they are – you are your best representative. After all, you know how fabulous you really are. And with the right tools, you will be able to communicate that with ease.


1. Know Your Personal Brand.

Your personal brand is not what you put on your website, post online, or distribute on your swag.  Your brand begins with your presence. It’s the energy you bring into a room and the “echo” that you leave behind. That is the essence of you. Do a true inventory or self-assessment to determine who you want to be in the world. Then sell it. Without knowing who you are and what you want, it’s going to be a tough sell.


2. Update Your Headshot and Bio.

It’s easy to let materials get outdated, especially when you post them on your website and on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t get caught with an old photo or worse, an outdated bio or profile.


Check your information monthly. Google yourself and see what you find. Update as necessary. Remember that even a post on Facebook is a reflection of your personality. Make sure that everything that you are putting out there reflects your brand.


3. Open the Lines of Communication.

Quantify what you do and the value that you bring to your organization. Don’t just collect the dots. Connect them to your business and your industry to again, reflect your brand. For example – it’s not enough to say that you’re in marketing. Instead, tell how you grew your customer base X percent this year through smart marketing strategies.

Then, tell the story through targeted communications: social media and blogs, press releases and other opportunities. Your brand is now 24/7 and global. Make sure that it stays consistent.


4. Network, Network, Network.

Part of a strong personal brand includes having a strong and active network. But networking is so much more than collecting cards; it’s making connections with people who can help propel your career or who you can support. Join an association or group, take an interest in other members and learn what they are interested in as well. Networking is an exchange of information, power and opportunity.
Here are some tips from Grace on how career women can navigate through a career with confidence:

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