There’s a possibility that at some point of time due to circumstances or by choice a freelancer or a business owner plans on going back to full-time work. It’s never easy but then most of the things aren’t. All you have to do is to prepare well and before that research well on what you must be prepared for.

Here are some tips that might help you during this transition:


Impressive Portfolio

Showcase your experience, work examples and clients/customer testimonials effectively and professionally. Show your professional competence through an impressive work portfolio.


Image and Credibility

It is important to take care of your personal or business credits during work transitions and before applying for a new job. Often employers do a credit check before sending an offer letter and it’s best to give some good time to find out what they will find out about you.


Don’t Settle for Entry Level Jobs

You might not have direct experience for the job description you are applying for, but don’t let that hold you to apply for entry level jobs. Your work examples and experience are just as good as any other senior applicant, you just have to spend enough time to present it in such a way. Seek professional resume services help and guidance to polish your resume.


Teamwork Examples

Even though you would have worked in the recent past on your own or in a smaller group, you must be able to cite examples of how well you work with others. Work today is not only about having the right skills but also knowing how to get along with others and being a positive team player.


Be Flexible

Well, all these years you might have a more flexible work schedule than what you would expect now in a 9-5 job. But not all managers and job requirements need a hard schedule. Initially, be open to working on the hours required, you might get a chance later in the months or a year to know how you can introduce flexibility in your work schedule. It is good to be flexible to accept your managers schedule and later see what adjustments can be made.


And most of all be your own salesperson. You must know how to weave your experience stories into what would be relevant to your future employer. Always think on “<this is how> based on what I have done so far can benefit your organization / this position”

Believe in yourself and prepare well.

What are some tips that have helped you in making such a transition? 


Since it’s best to be found than to find, use online tools like to create strong online professional presence and portfolio. Here are some Tips via @LinkedIn on how to be smart and successful job seeker on LinkedIn: