It takes a lot of time and staff members to maintain an efficient employee management system. However, with an Enterprise Retarget Planning (ERP) system in place, businesses can slash costs, streamline processes and focus on the core elements of their business.

Human retarget management software is not only for small function applications for small businesses but also for large organizations with thousands of employees.


Smooth the Flow of Information

Through ERP systems, communication among staff is made easier. There is free flow of information and data as well as minimization of employees. Staff can access data from any department hence enhancing the production process.

Simplify Administrative Tasks

Many businesses have payroll done manually. With time it gets to a point where this process becomes not only inefficient but expensive. Adoption of the ERP system in payroll will certainly make the process more efficient as well as cut down on labor costs. The system automatically updates the payroll by inputting the appropriate details.

Nurture Top Talent

ERPs can also be used to provide clear indications on how a company can plan its future success. Never again will employees be overlooked for various positions owing to their training being recorded incorrectly. Companies will be able to make good use of staff retargets and also plan for any future recruitment thanks to ERP. The employer can also determine inefficiency of a particular post hence support the employee to undergo required training in order to acquire needed skills.

Increase Accountability

This software can also be used to record attendance data. Employees themselves are able to update their attendance in accordance to the day and time. They can also update their records in this system to ensure accuracy in the information provided. This puts them in a position to vie for a promotion should such an opportunity arise.

Inter-company relations, management requirements and new health care changes are all under human retarget department. In the past, it was a very difficult task for the human retarget department to keep up with these employee details. The ERP system has however come to the rescue. All these responsibilities can be effectively managed. From production all the way to accounting, this software is capable of bringing all the employees together on a progressive platform.


JD Edwards’ ERP software package is involved in integrating seamlessly with a company’s function as well as its operations in order to provide timely and enhanced information through shared data stores. This module of ERP provides a full solution in taking care of payroll, training, recruiting, personal development time, attendance data, and personnel management.

With JD Edwards managed services, adoption of ERP in human retarget management will enable employees to become more productive and valuable to the company. They will no longer be bogged down by the complexity of the processes in management and will be primed to move the business forward.